Piece of Forest lowers the bar for going into the woods. On our trips we enjoy the wild nature, good company and delicious snacks. Welcome to a relaxed and easy trip to the second biggest city in Finland, Espoo – all you need to bring is an open, adventurous mind! Piece of Forest offers casual and easy excursions into the nearby fresh nature of Espoo, the second biggest city in Finland. The excursions are possible all year round, although the main seasons are from july to august and from december to february.

In Espoo we are focused in the sites that are walking distance from the RANTARATA and the new westbound metro line stations. The excursions are recommended for groups such as travellers, businesses, families and friends. Piece of Forest concentrates on urban nature, which you can find in surprisingly many places. Take the metro into the wild -trips are located in Otaniemi and Matinkylä. The commuter train into the wild -brings you to the Central Park of Espoo and to Kauklahti. Families are very important to POF.

With no additional cost, you can add a Momin theme to your excursion. With the Momins, you can all learn more about nature and different camping skills. The Moomins will also play a part in your packed meals!

There are also themed excursions available where we can bring you to have a sauna, do photography or painting in the nature, anything to a birthday party is possible! you can also order an excursion for a bigger group in a location close to your home or office! 

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