Piece of Forest makes it easy to go into the woods. Our tours include enjoying nature, good company and delicious snacks. Welcome to an easy and relaxed trip to Finland's second largest city of Espoo – All you need is an adventurous spirit!

Piece of Forest's tours are held in the wonderful nature of Hanikka. Tours can be arranged throughout the year and they are designed for groups such as tourists, companies, associations, families and groups of friends. Piece of Forest offers wellness excursions, wellbeing at work theme days, nature tours, forest birthdays and the Moomin camping school.

More information and bookings for the tours can be found from the Piece of Forest webshop:

In addition, Piece of Forest organizes nature trainings which offer information about the effects of the nature on ones wellbeing. It is also possible to book the tours for bigger groups and the tours can be arranged in other locations than in Hanikka.


Piece of Forest has rented the Hanikka Recreation Center from the city of Espoo and it is the main location for Piece of Forest tours until 30th June 2017. Hanikka Recreation Center can be rent for private events and festivities. Hanikka Recreation Center is an idyllic place with its cottage, barbecue place, dancing pavilion, outdoor toilets and a beach sauna. It is located by the sea and the five kilometer long versatile nature trail of Hanikka starts right from the doorstep of the Hanikka Recreation Center.

The cottage has tables that can be covered for up to 30 people. The dance pavilion holds a large number of people during the summertime. The place is perfect for a relaxed and close to nature type of festivities and events.

The customer will organize the food, drinks and the dishes for the events by themselves. Hanikka Recreation Center is located about 20 kilometers from Helsinki and can be reached via public bus since the local bus stop is only 200 meters from the Hanikka Recreation Center.

Contact Information

Matasaarentie 1, 02380 Espoo
+358 440777579

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