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Visit Espoo

Visit Espoo was established in 2001. The company's principle shareholder is the City of Espoo. Other shareholders include Espoo-based companies operating in the field of meeting and tourism industry.

Our main task is to promote Espoo as a tourism destination and as a potential destination for future international congresses, meetings and events. We provide information and marketing materials for visitors and travel and meeting professionals.

Visit Espoo Convention

When you are planning to have an event or international congress in Espoo, please contact us. We are happy to help you. Our conference team offers you professional assistance in planning and arranging meetings, conferences and events. Our long experience in meetings and congresses together with a wide range of venues and options for accommodation translates as high-quality service throughout your visit.

Our impartial and free of charge services include:

  • helping in preliminary planning and invitation process
  • preparing necessary documents
  • helping to find most suitable venue and partnerships
  • making preliminary reservations of conference facilities and accommodation
  • coordinating site inspection visits
  • assisting in planning social program
  • helping with hospitality arrangements
  • marketing materials for delegate marketing
  • maps, brochures, pictures and presentation
  • tourist information desk in the venue (on application)

Co-operation with Aalto University on congress servives

Visit Espoo has a co-operation agreement with Aalto University, which aims to support inviting, planning and arranging international scientific congresses in Espoo. According to the agreement the services of congress consultant are free of charge to international congresses and meetings hosted by Aalto University and the scientific community of Espoo. More information from Aalto University.

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