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Welcome to our Tourist Information!

Tourist InformationWhen you have any question about tourism or activities in Espoo, come and visit one of Espoo's Citizen's Offices for tourist information. We are pleased to help you.

From the offices you will get:

  • travel guides and maps
  • brochures of Espoo
  • information about cafeterias, restaurants and accommodation in Espoo
  • tips on current events
  • ideas for activities on your holiday
  • general tourist information about the metropolitan area and rest of the Finland.


You get tourist information from the following Citizen's Offices in Espoo

Espoo Centre Citizen's Office
Kirkkojärventie 4, 02770 Espoo

Matinkylä Citizen's Office
Shopping Centre Iso Omena, Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo

Tapiola Citizen's Office
Espoo Cultural Centre, Kulttuuriaukio, 02100 Espoo

Tapiola Vindängen
Folkhälsan, Tuulikuja 6, 02100 Espoo

Leppävaara Citizen's Office
Shopping Centre Sello, Leppävaarankatu 9, 02600 Espoo

Espoonlahti Citizen's Office
Shopping Centre Lippulaiva, Espoonlahdenkatu 4, 02320 Espoo

Kalajärvi Citizen's Office
Ruskatalo, Ruskaniitty 4, 02970 Espoo


Visit Espoo
Tfn. +358 9 8164 7230
Email: visit(a)espoo.fi

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