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Press Release 24.8.2016

Professor of Environmental Engineering Jaana Sorvari awarded Espoo’s Congress Ambassador 2016

Associate Professor Jaana Sorvari from Aalto University's School of Engineering has been chosen as Espoo Ambassador 2016. Espoo Ambassador operates as a congress ambassador of Espoo in Finland and abroad. The award was presented 24th of August 2016 during the annual Espoo Ambassador event at Aalto University Design Factory. Professor Sorvari is the 8th Espoo Ambassador.

The decision was based in Sorvari’s active work in national and international scientific research groups and organizations. Even though Professor Sorvari is still a newcomer in the business of organizing international conferences, she has shown enthusiasm and courage to take up the challenge. This Autumn Sorvari is coordinating the 7th Joint Nordic Meeting on Remediation of Contaminated Sites, NORDROCS 2016, which will be held at Aalto University Otaniemi Campus in Espoo. Conference is expected to attract around 200 researchers and experts from Nordic countries and beyond to Otaniemi. In addition to NORDROCS, Sorvari is interested to invite the corresponding European event to Finland in the near future.

“Sorvari will be a great example for those who do not have previous experience and are still on the consideration stage of bringing an international conference to Finland,” says Laura Marjamo, Travel Director of Visit Espoo.

“After living 30 year in Espoo I am glad to represent and market my hometown and my own university campus as a place to organize international conferences. Otaniemi is unique campus area with its verdancy and proximity to the sea. In addition, there are numerous other wonderful places to showcase our international guests in Espoo,” says Jaana Sorvari.

Jaana Sorvari is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of environmental engineering and has specialist knowledge and expertise in the assessment of risks and eco-efficiency of risk management actions at contaminated sites as well as in environmental suitability appraisal concerning mineral residues. She has authored and co-authored many scientific publications and has experience of project management. Jaana Sorvari has also served as a reviewer for several scientific publications, conferences, and EU programmes.

Espoo Ambassador programme

Eight years ago, in 2009, the City of Espoo together with Visit Espoo launched the Espoo Ambassador programme in order to win more international conferences to Espoo. The goal is to encourage all scientists in Espoo to invite and host conferences from their own field of research expertise.

After year 2009, Espoo Ambassadors have been involved in organizing 14 international scientific conferences in Espoo. Tourism income from these international conferences in total has been more than EUR 3 million.

More information:

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