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We asked – you answered. Earlier this spring, we asked the followers of Visit Espoo channels for help to figure out Espoo’s best attractions; the result was an unbeatable list! We put together a TOP50 list based on the suggestions of the followers of Visit Espoo social media channels, in other words, the best Espoo experts and visitors to Espoo; the list provides options for day trip destinations or after-work activities. The suggestions included both firm favourites as well as wonderful less-well-known gems.


Children sitting on a stone in a meadow of wood anemones.


You were amazing! We received many, many suggestions, and because we did not want to leave out any of them, we combined them a little to include them all on the list. Check the weather forecast and choose the best combination of attractions and head out on an expedition!

Espoo is full of wonderful destinations, and naturally, this list does not include them all. You can keep suggesting your favourite places and hidden gems not found on the list – whether you wish to share with us a popular destination for the general public, a kindly old tree stump in your local forest or a breath-taking view from a hideaway, we want to hear about it. If you wish to share your experiences on social media, tag @visitespoo and use the hashtag #EspooTop50, if you want to.

  1. Bemböle coffeehouse

  2. Bemböle’s beautiful old school

  3. Bemböle’s mill ruins

  4. Café Mellsten

  5. Café Merenneito

  6. Children’s cultural centre Aurora

  7. Churches such as Espoo Cathedral and Pappilanmäki, Espoonlahti Church

  8. EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art and KAMU – Espoo City Museum – WeeGee Exhibition Centre

  9. Espoo archipelago and recreation islands, Suvisaaristo maritime district, Gåsgrund, Rövargrundet, Iso Vasikkasaari as well as scheduled archipelago boats

  10. Espoo Central Park – year-round oasis for recreation and physical activity – berries and mushrooms

  11. Espoo Central Park’s cross-country skiing tracks, and the network of skiing tracks in the whole of Espoo

  12. Espoo cultural centre

  13. Espoo nature trails: such as Mankki nature trail, Hanikka

  14. Espoonlahti nature reserve i.e. Fiskarsinmäki

  15. Espoo’s lakes, such as Myllyjärvi, Lippajärvi, Kaitalampi, Sorvalampi, Hannusjärvi and Hannusmetsä, Pitkäjärvi

  16. Espoonkartano manor’s stone bridge

  17. Espoo’s libraries

  18. Espoo’s sandy beaches: Matinkylä beach, Haukilahti beach, Kivenlahti beach (a special mention to Kivenlahti’s cliffs!), Klobben/Soukka beach

  19. Espoo’s Waterfront Walkway and its summer activities such as Laguuni water sports centre and Natura Viva’s canoeing

  20. Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

  21. Fitness stairs all around Espoo, Olari recreational path

  22. Gallen-Kallela Museum and Tarvaspää

  23. Glims Farmstead Museum

  24. Hotel Hanasaari and Restaurant Plats

  25. Halme bakery and café in Kauklahti

  26. Haukilahden Helmi restaurant and Haukilahti harbour

  27. Haukilahti water tower

  28. Helinä Rautavaara Museum

  29. Ideal route for everyone to enjoy, including wheelchair users: Espoonlahti waterfront trail, Laurinlahti harbour, Ristiniemi, Klobben (have a quick swim!), Soukka stables and along Amiraalin puistotie street to Espoonlahti waterfront trail. (Maps Espoo)

  30. Kahvi-Kaisa café

  31. Kaisan Café

  32. Karhusaari island and Sinebrychoff mansion

  33. Kasavuori in Soukka

  34. Kino Tapiola

  35. Leikki – Museum of Play

  36. Leppävaara outdoor swimming pool and Espoo swimming pools, such as Matinkylä’s new swimming pool

  37. Leppävaara sports park

  38. Manors in Espoo such as Träskända manor and Träskända park, Gumböle manor, Alberga manor park – Old Alberga garden

  39. Marketanpuisto park

  40. Nokkala Majakka, restaurant (Nokkala lighthouse)

  41. Nuuksio National Park and its marked and unmarked routes, Haukkalampi area, services such as cooking shelters and firewood, special mention to Haukkalampi observation place.

  42. Organ Night and Aria Festival in Espoo Cathedral

  43. Pentala island and Pentala Archipelago Museum

  44. Recreation areas: Oittaa recreation area and Lake Bodom, Pirttimäki and Luukki recreation areas

  45. Rural landscapes in northern Espoo

  46. Shopping centre Sello

  47. Tapiola Silkkiniitty park

  48. Tapiola Ice Garden

  49. Tapiola fountains

  50. Villa Elfvik and its surrounding nature, Laajalahti nature reserve
Wakeboarder in the evening sun surrounded by splashing water, outside Keilaniemi business park.

The idea for collecting Espoo’s TOP50 attractions came about as part of Espoo’s 50 Years as a City events being celebrated throughout 2022.

Espoo’s 50 Years as a City hashtags also include
#EspooJuhlii #EsboFirar #EspooCelebrates
#72Espoo22 #72Esbo22