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Events at Espoo Metro Areena surroundings

All you need to know when visiting Espoo Metro Areena

Espoo is a proud home to some of the most exciting events and happenings. Many bigger scale sports events and gigs take place in our beloved Metro Areena, and we want YOU to get the most out of your visit. Here is our guide on what to DO and where to EAT while getting ready for your event in Metro Areena!

A wintry photo from Tapiola centre in Espoo in the cozy evening light, showing the central tower and central basin and the Espoo Cultural Centre.

First of all - How to get there?

The easiest way to reach Tapiola when arriving from Helsinki is by metro (underground) to Urheilupuisto station which is located very near to Metro Areena, or Tapiola station which is located under the Ainoa Shopping Centre as well as bus stations. The best way to figure out your journey to Tapiola is to download the Helsinki Transportation HSL app. The app will show your journey from your current location to your final destination and recommends the best means of transportation whether it is local train, underground or bus.

Metro stations: Urheilupuisto or Tapiola

Some fine dining fish food and sides on the plate.

Photo: Bella Table

Feeling hungry?

Nobody likes being hungry on holiday, so let´s start with a list of restaurants in the area. Tapiola´s food scene is located mainly in the Ainoa Shopping Centre and its surroundings. And here is also few good tips from the areas nearby.

A bit further:

A mother walks in a rocky forest hand in hand with her child.

Photo: Marjaana Tasala

Some freetime?

Do you have a couple of hours before heading to your event in Metro Areena? Great! Come with us to explore the neighbourhood! Here are our TOP 7 tips on activities in Tapiola District and its surroundings:

1) WeeGee Exhibition Centre & EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

If you would like to fall for the magic of modern art or would like to explore the story of Espoo, EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art and KAMU – Espoo City Museum at WeeGee are your spots to go. There you will find the finest of modern art exhibitions and also learn about the fairytale world of the famous Finnish writer Mauri Kunnas.

2) Leikki – the Museum of Play & the Museum of Horology and Jewellery Kruunu

If you fancy to get a bit nostalgic or if you travel with children, Leikki - the Museum of Play is your must-go place. In Leikki you will be taken into your childhood and most likely you will recognize some of your favorite childhood toys. You and your children can get creative or just enjoy playing as a huge part of the exhibition is interactive and supports the joy of playing. In the same building is also located the Museum of Horology and Jewellery Kruunu.

3) Culture center & buildings on Tapiola district

Tapiola district is known for being Espoo´s cultural center. Why? Here you can find buildings from famous architects Aarne Ervi, Aarno Ruusuvuori and Arto Sipinen. Such as the Tapiola Central Tower - a 13-story office building that was considered exceptionally tall in 1961, designed by Aarne Ervi, and Aarne Ruusuvuori’s WeeGee Exhibition Centre. Espoo Cultural Centre – the main venue of Espoo’s cultural life - was designed after architectural competition by Arto Sipinen with a theme called Kuunsilta (Moon glade) and was a later addition to the plan of Tapiola Centre.

4) Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden

Hotel Tapiola Garden was completed in 1974 and designed by Aarne Ervi. The hotel was originally built with 154 rooms and you can still book an overnight stay in this building or stop for a dinner or drink, as the hotel is operated by the Finnish hotel chain Sokos Hotels. The hotel is located by the central basin where you can rent a SUP board in summertime and enjoy the atmospheric Tapiola Ice Garden in wintertime.

5) Olari Health Nature Trail and Espoo Waterfront Walkway

Would you fancy some outdoors in the forest, outside the hustle of the Arena? Try the Olari Health Nature Trail in Olari district (Ylismäentie 15, 02820 Espoo), a bit outside Tapiola. Along the approximately 2.5 km long nature trail, there are eight checkpoints with three separate exercises each. The exercises on the information boards are given also in English. The beloved Espoo Waterfront Walkway goes along the seashore for over 40 kilometres and it can be found also outside in the surroundings of Tapiola.

6) Tapiola Golf & Minigolfing in Tapiola (summer season)

In Tapiola, you can find both! Tapiola Golf offers the good quality greens and a golf club a few kilometres outside the Tapiola Centre. Minigolf by Tapiolan Minigolf is available during the summer season just outside the Tapiola Centre.

7) Ainoa Shopping Centre

Looking for some souvenirs from your Espoo trip or just in need of buying some groceries or necessities? The Ainoa Shopping Centre is also a home to some great restaurants such as Bistro O Mat, GOAT, Anne’s Vege (vegetarian) or Deliberi Tapiola.

Two sculptures standing in front of the windows showing a wintry scenery at EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

Photo: Ari Karttunen, EMMA