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Summer in Nuuksio area 

Happiness is fresh air, nature and silence. Nuuksio National Park offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor pursuits or taking a moment to quietly relax. There is a possibility to participate different exhibitions, guided tours or just enjoy self-guided excursions. 

Lake view

Plan Your Outdoor Day in Nuuksio National Park  with the journey planner service

Enjoy a day in the nature of Nuuksio National Park and its surroundings. Find the route of your own to the best places and hikes on This service combines trails in the national park and public transportation in the metropolitan area. The service gives you plenty of ideas for the different kinds of trails and local services in the area! Traveling by public transportation is ecological and affordable. Don’t forget to include a visit to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia in your nature day!

Plan your trip to Nuuksio

Guided activities

Nuuksion Taika


Experience the Magic of the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, during our 3 hours program! Learn about the myths of the Kalevala, the creation of the world and the magic of the Sampo. Find out the heroes of the Kalevala, who have supernatural powers and the bear mythologies of the north. Listen traditional Finnish folk songs singed in the Kalevala metre and sing along. Hear music played by traditional Finnish instruments e.g. kantele and take part in folk dance. Wäinölä, the venue of the program, is located in the woods of Nuuksio and dedicated to the Finnish folklore and traditions. Magic of the Kalevala-program includes herbal drink with salty pasty for arrival and vegetarian lunch with dessert at the end of the program. In Wäinölä there is a gift-shop with hadcrafts made by local artisans.

Wäinölä is situated next to the Nuuksio National Park, less than 40km from the Helsinki airport and the Helsinki city center. Kalevala is the name of the epic as well as the name of the village, where Väinämöinen, the main person lived, therefore the village was also called Wäinölä. A log house of Wäinölä is build according to a house of the iron age and the viking era. It is made from hand carved logs and iron parts are made by a local blacksmith. There is an open fireplace and around 4 long tables there are seats for 45 people. Wäinölä is open year around and the log-house of Wäinölä is warm during the wintertime. In the courtyard of Wäinölä there are two campfire places and a hut dedicated for the northern Bear mythologies.

Time: 7.6.-9.8. every Monday at 10-13

Price: 120€ / 3h / person

More information and booking

 MAGIC OF THE WOODS, 2 hours, minimum charge 4 people

Experience the Finnish wilderness and northern mythology during a walking trip into the woods of Nuuksio National Park. Listen to the stories of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, learn about the power of the shamans and the beliefs of the spirits of the nature. Explore the myths and facts of the bear, the king of the woods and the national animal of Finland. Visit the Bear-hut, where you will meet an authentic-looking bear. A snack in front of the campfire will be served during your trip.

Location: Paratiisintie 115, Otalampi (Vihti)
Duration: 2 hours 
Availability: Year-round on Sundays, other dates by request
Staff: A wilderness guide 
Price: €75.00 / 2 h / Price includes 1 person
- Walking trip with a wilderness guide 
- Snack on the campfire; grilled sausage and Karelian pasty with warm chaga mushroom drink
- Brown cloak or green rain-pocho, traditional white-blue cap and wintertime warm headwear

Additional services: 
Pick-up from the bus stop at 
Magic of the Finnish Sauna
Magic Night by the Lake

MAGIC OF THE FINNISH SAUNA, 2 hours, minimum charge 4 people

The gentle heat of a traditional Finnish sauna brings pleasure, peace, and relaxation and has many healing effects. With us, you will get in touch with the spirit of the Finnish sauna and learn about Kalevala sauna traditions. Enjoy the soothing heat of our wood-heated sauna and take a refreshing dip in the cooling waters of the lake. During the winter, you can even try ice-swimming. After the sauna enjoy typical Finnish sauna snack by a campfire next to the sauna. 

Location: Paratiisintie 115, Otalampi (Vihti), less than 40 km from Helsinki airport and city center
Duration: 2 hours
Availability: Year around on Sundays, other dates by request
Price: 120 €  
- Guidance to Finnish sauna traditions and sauna stories from the Kalevala 
- Wood-heated sauna by the lake
- Birch whisk, towels and shampoos
- Sauna snack: grilled sausage with potato-salad and home beer


Aamulaulu - The morning song in the shelter of the forest awakens the body and mind

We are meeting in front of the main entrance of Haltia at 8:45, in the forest at about 9-10.

Start your nature day at a refreshing moment with a guide. The morning song caresses the body and mind; you can also hum along if you wish. You can reach Nuuksio by bus. The instructor will welcome you at the front entrance of the nature center Haltia. We'll follow an easy trail and stop now and then to listen and breathe. After the tour, you can visit the Haltia Nature Center or continue on your routes.

Time: 19.5. - 30.6. every Wednesday
Departure from Haltia at 8:45, return at about 10:30
Price: 45 € includes the book Luontolaulu (in Finnish, an English summary is available).

More information and reservations

Retkipaikka - Wine in the Woods

Wine in the Woods is a two-hour exploration into a world, where wine and forest meet. Our expert guides will take you on a new type of journey through flavours and aromas in our wine bar in the middle of the woods. After a short walk on a nature trail your senses will be attuned to our woodland surroundings helping you to get a deeper impression of the carefully selected wines. The forest’s al fresco tasting area - which lives and breathes by the seasons - is every time a slighty new version of itself, as it is decorated by sunlight and natural foliage. The tastes and smells of the wines and the forest will come alive through the stories binding them together.

We are proud of this creation where wine is more than just wine and you can taste more than plain flavours in it. We pour rain, bonfire smoke, mist and nightless night in your glass. 

Time: Wednesdays and Fridays
28.5.-1.10.2021 at 18 – 20
Starting location:
The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo
(The event happens outdoors)
Price: from 99,00 €/person
Bookings: Red wine tasting & White wine tasting

 Natura Viva

Try our Stand Up Paddling in Nuuksio National Park!

Now you have a great chance to try out guided Stand Up Paddling in the middle of the Nuuksio National Park. The Hawk Lake has extraordinary beautiful views, great scenery and calm environment. Come and join us! Stand Up Paddling is very relaxing and much easier than you think, anyone can do it! If you still have not tested this trend sport, now is the perfect time for it - the Hawk Lake in Nuuksio National Park is a great place to start. This trip is quite popular, so book your spot now! Joining this trip does not require any previous experience, so everyone is welcome.

Availability: Mon 7.6 / tue / 6.7 / wed 11.8

Time: At 18-20, Nuuksio Hawk Nest, Espoo

Price: 39e/ person (2h), including the instruction, SUP-board and other paddling equipment

Additional information and booking

 Feel the Nature

Wilderness Canoeing Andenture in Nuuksio National Park

Nuuksio National Park is an exceptional nature sanctuary in the Helsinki region, very close to Helsinki downtown. This relaxed wilderness canoeing trip takes you to scenic wilderness lakes Kattilajärvi and Vääräjärvi and peaceful forests in Nuuksio. You can also dip into the clean water forest lake on the break. Suitable for beginners.

On Saturdays 29.5. - 25.9.2021

On Thursdays, July 1-August 12, 2021

Time: 10.30 -14:30 Kattilajärvi, Kattilajärventie 30, Espoo

Return transport from Espoon keskus  10.00 am (limited availability during pandemic) 

Price: 75€ / person, incliuding. guiding, rent of equipment drinks and snack on the break  
More info and reservations - Beginners’ introduction to Fatbikes in Nuuksio

Would you like to try fatbikes? The only prior skill you need is the ability to ride a bike! Our professional guide will get you a quality bike, helmet and all knowledge about riding a fatbike in nature environment. Fatbikes are very well suitable for uneven terrains and they have originally been developed for soft platforms (such as mud) and winter conditions.
Choose suitable clothing and footwear for outdoor movement and current weather conditions. There is a bottle holder for your own water bottle.

Bike selection varies according to the location.
Nuuksio’s North Gate: fatbikes
The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia: Fatbikes and e-fatbikes (electrically supported)

Date: Every Saturday starting 22.5.2021
Locations: Nuuksio’s North Gate, Salmentie 100 B, 03300 Vihti & The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo

No. of participants: Nuuksio’s North Gate: 7 persons & The Finnish Nature centre Haltia: 10 persons
Time: Nuuksio’s North Gate 11.00 & The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia 14.00
Duration: 1,5 h
Price: 62,00 €/person with fatbike
           85,00 €/person with e-fatbike



Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a popular exhibition and event center situated by Nuuksio National Park. Both kids and adults love the place! You can experience the whole Finland’s nature from southern archipelago till snowy fells of Lapland and all diverse 40 national parks. You can see and hear, even touch the wildlife too! You can see live video from Finland’s National Parks on huge multimedia screens and listen to the real sounds of Finland’s nature. Addition to the main exhibition, there's also various short-term exhibitions at Haltia like the new adventure exhibition: My night as a flying squirrel. Restaurant Haltia with a nice view to Lake Nuuksio Pitkäjärvi offers delicious lunch buffet that is made of local raw materials and is as much as possible organic. You may also enjoy delicious homemade bakery products and special coffees at the restaurants’ terrace.

Haltia’s nature exhibitions

Open Wed-Sun 10 am to 5 pm

Explore 5 exhibitions with one entrance fee:

Price: 13 € / 8 € / under 7 year olds and people with Museum Card or Helsinki Card free of charge. Family ticket 25 € (incl. 1-2 adults and 1-4 children). Audio guide includes in the price.

In Haltia you find also Restaurant Haltia, nature shop, information and equipment rental. Haltia is the gate to Nuuksio National Park.

Buy your ticket online

More information

Feel the Nature

Self-service Canoe Rental in Nuuksio

From Feel The Nature's wilderness canoeing base on the shores of Lake Kattilajärvi, you can launch canoes directly to Nuuksio's greatest wilderness lakes, where you can take a multi-hour paddling trip.

The rental includes a high-quality tandem canoe (Indian canoe) and required paddling and safety equipment: a floating vest, paddle and bailer, as well as safety instructions.

In self-service rental, you independently take the canoes and equipment from our warehouse, clean them after use and return them according to the instructions. The reservation is made in advance in our online service . We require the renter to have previous paddling experience and recommend our guided wilderness canoeing adventure to get acquainted to the area and equipment before you do a self guided trip.

The rental price starts from 30 € / canoe ( 2 hours)

Nuuksio Reindeer Park

Experience a touch of the Lappish exotic with reindeer in Nuuksio Reindeer Park which is the southernmost place in Finland where you can see and feed reindeer. Tame reindeer will eat lichen straight form your hand. There are six reindeer: Niila, Usva, Taika, Lumi, Nella, and Tähti .Spend a memorable moment with the reindeer and enjoy coffee brewed on an open fire and stick bun grilling. Small souvenir shop is open.
Private visits are possible at all other times, please ask availability:

Saturday 12-15
Sunday   12-15


Wednesday 17-20
Saturday 12-15

Saturday 12-15

You can buy tickets on site or in advance from the online SMA Shop.

25 € adult
10 € child (4-11 yrs)
60 € family (2 adults + 2 children)
0-3 yrs. free of charge.

Price: 25€/10€ (4-11 years) or 60 € (2 adults + 2 children) incl. reindeer feeding, coffee and bun over an open fire in the atmospheric Lappish hut and services of the staff.

Buy your ticket online

More information and opening hours


OUTDOOR & HIKING RENTALS – Finland, Naturally Experiences / The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
Tents, backpacks, hiking stoves, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, Tentsile-tents, solar panel charger
Opening hours: according to Haltia’s operating hours or by request

Elecrically supported e-fatbikes and original fatbikes.
Nuuksio’s North Gate, Salmentie 100 B, 03300 Vihti (Fatbikes)
The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo (E-fatbikes and fatbikes)
Rent online

Solvalla Sports Institute

From Solvalla Sports Institute you can rent a canoe, kayak or Fatbike!

Expirience the nature paddling on Nuuksio Pitkäjärvi. Alternatively, go on an adventure in the woods on Fatbike´s.

Canoe or kayak rent
1h 10€, 3h 25€

Fatbike rent
1h15€, 2h 25€

10.5-13.6 Rental open according to the reservation situation
14.6-15.8 Opening hour for the rental point will be updated on the website soon
15.8-> Rental open according to the reservation situation

More information and booking




World first Tentsile Experience EcoCamp founded 2016 in the Nuuksio National Park area. It is the greenest area for Eco Camp and is called ”Night in the Tree”. Eco Camp creates a unique link in with nature and the environment.

Time and place: 1.6.2021-30.9.2021. Tentsile Experience EcoCamp area is located near Haltia, the Finnish Nature Centre.
Prices:1-2 prs for 3 prs Stingray Tentsile tree tent+ Trillium Hammock 180 EUR,  3 prs for 3 prs Stingray Tentisle  tree tent+ Trillium Hammock 240 EUR

Additional information and booking

Poropuiston päremajat

Unique accommodation in the ecological Igluhut at Nuuksio Reindeer Park. You can watch and take pictures and feed the reindeer directly from your hut's window. Guide will take you also in the reindeer park where she tells you about the reindeer and you can feed them.

Additional information and booking


Spend a perfect cottage holiday in Finland in a high class log cabin. At Hawkhill lakeside cottages and villas you can enjoy Finnish experiences like your private sauna, beach and hikes to the surrounding Nuuksio National Park.

Additional information and booking

Villa Paratiisi

A cosy cottage by the lake. The villa provides a great setting for a time with family and friends. Villa Paratiisi is situated next to the Nuuksio National park, in a peaceful environment.

Additional information and booking

Hotel Nuuksio

Experience the beauty of Nuuksio with hotel Nuuksio! Whether you dream of restorative moments of the forests, sauna by the lake, fishing and walking tours or browsing the delicate tastes of berries, mushrooms and other delicacies, hotel Nuuksio aims to create unique moments for you.

Additional information and booking

Haltia Lake Lodge

Opening in July - August 2021!

Rent a private sauna in Nuuksio 

Enjoy the autumn day in Nuuksio by booking a sauna for private use from:



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