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What is sustainable tourism and how can I make sustainable choices? Visit Espoo put together a list of tips for sustainable land and sea travel. Make sustainable choices both before the trip and at the destination. 

A small dock by the sea in the summery and sunshiny Espoo archipelago.

Learn more about Espoo and its near-by areas and sustainable services before your trip

The online service helps you find sustainable services in the Espoo region. On the website, go to Sights and Services and filter your search results to learn about companies that provide sustainable services in the region. In addition, you can find virtual events and companies organising virtual tours under Events

On this sustainability theme page, you can read about the sustainability of local companies and sustainability work done by the city of Espoo and Visit Espoo. Make sure to follow Visit Espoo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We share tips for sustainable tourism also on social media. And like the old saying goes, well begun is half done! 

Favour eco-friendly transport

Public transport is an eco-friendly way to travel from one place to another. Espoo provides many effortless means of transport. Take the metro to the seaside, grab a city bike or hire a public rowing boat. Catch a bus to the woods and enjoy the nature while riding a fatbike. Commuter trains and the metro take you to the most sustainable shopping centres in Finland and cultural events around the city. 

Relax in sustainable accommodations

The majority of Espoo’s accommodations are located near pure nature by the sea or a lake or in the shade of a forest with excellent access by public transport. Companies providing accommodation in the Espoo region have been working hard for years to champion more sustainable tourism. 

Available eco-certified accommodations vary from hotels to cottages and from lodges to tents hovering among the trees. Would you like to stay in a hotel that co-operates with a local nature protection organisation and plants a tree for each guest who asks their room to not be cleaned during their stay? Or what about a cottage that produces zero carbon-dioxide emissions?

Drink and dine in local cafés and restaurants – support local businesses

Many local restaurants serve pure local food by picking wild herbs, berries and mushrooms from the local forests and using small farm products. Can you believe there is a hotel in Espoo that has its own fisher? In 2009, Espoo became the first ever Fair Trade City in Finland. Our city has many Fair Trade cafés and restaurants. On our website, go to Support Local Businesses and book an accommodation and unique experiences for yourself or treat a friend! 

Explore the nature responsibly

Nature plays a big role in our everyday lives and its impacts on health are undeniable. Simply a 15-minute break in the nature relieves stress. Recharge your batteries in the nature: try forest yoga, go on a Forest Mind wellness hike, take a wild herb course, pick berries, hire a canoe or go on a guided birdwatching trip. Favour programme service providers that are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism of Metsähallitus

When spending time in the nature, keep in mind the proper etiquette to ensure the generations to come may also enjoy our clean nature as we enjoy it today. Everyone knows the public right of access but we should also remember the public responsibilities of access. Stay on marked paths, set open flame only in designated places, respect others and do not litter!

Travel off-season and off-peak hours if possible

We recommend you visit our sites off the season and peak hours. This reduces your burden on the environment and supports the year-round operation of local businesses. Furthermore, you can avoid the masses of people and enjoy your holidays free of unnecessary stress.