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Camping sites in Espoo

A child sitting in a tent watching the sun setting behind the forest.

Espoo has many different camping areas for everyone's needs. Areas can be found from the shelters of Nuuksio National Park to the rocky islands.

Nuuksio National Park and surroundings

Camping areas with campfire facilities in Nuuksio

Tent areas without campfire facilities and outhouses

Oittaa Recreation Area

Camping area is closed.

Espoo Archipelago and recreational islands

Salmi recreational area

Salmi outdoor area is located north of Nuuksio in the municipality of Vihti. The area has a camping area, three cooking huts, two campfire areas, toilets, a sauna, a nature trail, a fireplace room, two playgrounds, outdoor trails, signage boards and a parking area. You can also fish in the area.

Väransby recreational area

The camping area is located in Hirsala, Kirkkonummi. There is a three-kilometer-long seaside area which has great swimming areas, campfire areas and wells. The area is open until 31.10. 

Explore other tent areas in Kirkkonummi and Vihti