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What make us special?

Espoo, the second largest city in Finland, is a vibrant city full of contrasts. In Espoo, modern architecture, large corporations and culture meet the unspoilt willderness. Many substantial multinationals like Kone and Nokia have chosen Espoo as their home. Several leading Finnish companies have done the same. This innovative environment and spirit, complemented by the main campus of Aalto University, attracts continuous interest from science and research professionals worldwide.

Large natural areas are characteristic of Espoo: seashores, the archipelago, the wilderness in nature reserves and the waterways of the lake highlands. The cultural landscapes, constructed environments and natural areas of Espoo are like Finland in miniature. This, combined to Espoo's location, right next to capital Helsinki, creates vast opportunities to all sorts of business events. With Helsinki just a 15 minute ride away combine an event in Espoo with the Finnish capital and you have the very best of both worlds.

It is no wonder that Espoo is Finland's second most popular convention city. The city has a proven track record of hosting over 90 international association meetings and several corporate events each year. Aalto University, different research centers, knowledge and business clusters in the metropolitan area annually bring thousands of meeting and conference guests to Espoo. 

1. Innovation and Creativity     

Otaniemi in Espoo, the home of international Finnish companies like Fortum, Kone and Rovio Entertainment's Angry Birds, is the Northern Europe's leading innovation and technology hub, distinguished by a unique cluster of top-level reasearch organizations, academic institutions and technology-oriented businesses. Very important part of this unique ecosystem is the main campus of Aalto University including Finland’s leading university of science and technology. Also VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the biggest multitechnological applied research organization in Northern Europe, keeps its home in Espoo. All which attracts continuous interest from science, research, investors and business professionals worldwide and has a major impact on Espoo's popularity as a congress destination. The area and its lively ecosystem are well described by the name Espoo Innovation Garden.

2. Wild Nature & Finnish Culture

An important part of many succesfull meeting is the chance to relax and rejuvenate. Espoo offers you a variety of means to do this. Nuuksio National Park, just 20 kilometers away from global company headquarters, is the most visited places in Espoo and offers endless possibilities for nature activities. So are you hungry for extreme experiences to counterbalance your meetings?

Enjoy the Finnish hospitality and traditions - try for example real smoke sauna, jump into the lake for a refreshing swim or take a stroll in the beautiful woods. Taste traditional Finnish cuisine in one of local restaurants or pick the ingredients (like berries, mushrooms and herb) and prepare the food yourself. Or how about rescue suit swimming in the frozen lake! Espoo offers a chance to experience a glimpse of Arctic too; visit the Reindeer Park, meet the friendly Siberian huskies which love your hugs, raise your adrenaline in a fast sled dog ride and enjoy the evening with a dinner in real Lappish hut. During winter ice fishing, snow shoeing and ice spa are a must!

Check out the programme service providers in Espoo or ask tips directly from Visit Espoo congress team - we are happy to help you!

3. Location: 
Easy to reach, part of Scandinavia

Espoo's location on the coastal Finland, right next to the capital Helsinki, offers excellent traffic connections. It is easy to reach, just a half an hour from the Helsinki international airport and harbours. Helsinki Airport offers direct flights from 130 destination worldwide. With Allegro fast train journey from St. Petersburg takes only 3,5 hours. Getting around Espoo and capital area of Helsinki is easy and affortable with extensive public transportation network. In November 2017 Espoo got its own underground "Länsimetro" which is connected with Helsinki undergound network. At shortest journey to Helsinki it takes only 10 minutes.

Scandinavia is one of the most popular meetings regions in the world. The five countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are famous for their pristine nature, excellent infrastructure, high quality services, as well as their sustainable way of life and equal opportunities for everybody. Even though the Scandinavian countries have all a lot in common, they also have their own specific character.

4. Flexible Facilities & Professional Services

As a popular conference city Espoo offers versatile meeting facilities from dedicated congress centers to historical manors and cozy villas by a lake. Whether you have an intimate executive meeting, a congress for thousand peoplea, formal banquet or an outdoor gathering, you will for sure find something amazing in Espoo. The premises and services can be modified to suit the occasion, from intimate customer meetings and dinner parties to sauna evenings. It’s safe to say that Espoo is a perfect place for 500-700 persons’ conferences and seminars but space is also available for events that attract 2000-3000 delegates. Only in the Otaniemi campus area you´ll find over 100 spaces to choose from. 

5.Sustainable values

As a conference organizer you can be sustainable by choosing one of Espoo's green certified venues. Many of the companies operating in the tourism sector in Espoo have been pacemakers in sustainable travel and meetings. Scandic Espoo is the all time second tourism sector company in Finland to get the Nordic Eco Label in 2004. Today almost every hotel in Espoo hold an eco serticate. Congress center Dipoli was the first Finnish meeting industry operator to get the WWF Green office certificate in 2004. And the Finnish Nature Center Haltia in Nuuksio National Park is an true showpiece of ecological architecture.

Espoo is also the most sustainable city in Europe!

In a study conducted 2016, Espoo was found to be the most economically, socioculturally and ecologically sustainable city in Europe. According to a recent follow-up study in Spring 2017, Espoo has maintained its position as the top city in Europe in terms of sustainability.

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