The programme for ICCA Scandinavian Chapter Meeting 2017.

Wednesday 22 March

16.00-18.00 Welcome / registration desk at the official hotel (badge collection)
17.00-19.00 Business Leads Exchange at the official hotel. Meeting room: Galleria.
19.00 -> Registration desk at Espoo Cultural Centre
19.30-21.30 Espoo city reception at Espoo Cultural Centre (Address: Kulttuuriaukio 2, 02100 Espoo)

Business Exchange: share information on meetings with others

ICCA's success over five decades has been built on the principle of members exchanging commercial information with one another about recently hosted events. This is the foundation of ICCA's Association Database and the Business Exchange.

Once you have indicated in your registration for the ICCA Scandinavian Chapter Meeting that you would like to participate in the BE you will receive instructions on how to participate and a link to a lead proposal form where you can submit data on one event you have recently been involved with, and to be willing to share your inside knowledge about this event with other delegates during the Business Exchange session.

The criteria for the lead is as follow:

Attendance: It must attract at least 100 participants
Frequency: Annual and Biennial Meetings only    
Rotation: Nordic Meetings only   


Thursday 23 March

07.15 Running tour around Tapiola with Miikka (register your interest to Miikka by 22nd March)

06.30-08.20 Breakfast at the hotel
08.30 Walk from the hotel to Otaniem. Meet Riikka from Visit Espoo at the hotel lobby

Venue: Technopolis Innopoli 1, Meeting room Leonardo (Address: Tekniikantie 12, 02150 Espoo)

08.30- Registration & Badge collection, coffee
09.00-10.00 Annual ICCA Scandinavian Chapter Meeting

10.00-10.30 Welcome to Espoo Innovation Garden, Harri Paananen, Manager, Economic and Business Development, City of Espoo 
10.30-11.00 Business Events in Finland - Meetings as part of foreign trade, Heli Mende, Head of Visit Finland Global Sales Promotion, Finpro Oy – Visit Finland
11.00-11.30 Case study: Nordic Business Forum, Maria Krajewska-Olkkonen, Chief Operating Officer

11.30-12.30 LUNCH

12.30-15.00 Best practices from ICCA members


15.30-16.30 POWERED BY HEL Keynote: Meetings & Experiential Marketing: Definition, Trends and the Future, Timo Kiuru, Creative Director, The Unthinkable 

16.30 Closing of the first day
16.45 Walk back to the official hotel
16.45 Fringe Meeting: National Convention Bureaus & Reed Exhibitions. Meeting room: Galileo

18.30-19.30 Possibility for self-guided visit to Espoo Museum of Modern Art - EMMA´s exhibition Pentagonal landscapes by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson

19.10 Guided walk from the hotel to Espoo Museum of Modern Art - EMMA. Meet Laura from Visit Espoo at the hotel lobby

19.30-23.00 100 Years of Finnish Madness Dinner at EMMA (Address: Ahertajantie 5, 02100 Espoo)

Friday 24 March

Venue: The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Haltia Hall (Address: Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo)

07.00-08.30 Breakfast at hotel

08.30-09.00 Bus transfer to Haltia from the official hotel (pre-registration required)
09.10-09.30 Welcome to Haltia, Tom Selänniemi, CEO, The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
09.30-10.30 Future Meeting Space research, Matthias Schultze, Director of German Convention Bureau   
10.30-11.00 Localhood, Jonas Wilstrup, Conventions Director, Wonderful Copenhagen

11.00-11.30 Chance to explore exhibition's of Haltia

11.30-13.00 Sector Meetings (coffee & pastry served at sector meeting rooms)
Each sector has a leader who prepares a pre-scheduled agenda for the meeting

13.00-13.30 Upcoming ICCA Scandinavian Chapter Chairperson 2018, Birgitte Hee Olesen, Inspiring Denmark & closing of the Annual Chapter Meeting, Miikka Valo, ICCA Scandinavian Chapter Chairperson 2017

13.30 First bus to Helsinki Airport

13.30-14.30 LUNCH

14.30 Second bus to Helsinki Airport and a bus to the official hotel