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Itinerary for sporty Nuuksio National Park incentive

At Visit Espoo, we will be happy to help you plan an incentive trip that is just right for your group or client. See the sample below to give you inspiration for the coming summer season. 


Day 1

Arrive at your hotel, at the ecological nature hotel Haltia Lake Lodge, on the doorsteps of Nuuksio National Park, 40 minutes from the Helsinki Airport. You can choose your accommodation style from 20 hotel rooms and five luxurious Lodge glamping tents.

Experience the Finnish Sauna and outdoor team activity organised by Haltia Lake Lodge. Select your activity from the following themes: Adventure, Nature knowledge, Wellness, Outdoor cooking & foraging.

Enjoy the welcome dinner at the hotel or Restaurant Haltia next door. 

Watch a video from your hotel, Haltia Lake Lodge!

Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, it is time to discuss your topics in the meeting facilities by Haltia Lake Lodge. NOOX meeting room is perfect for 10-20 people, and if more space is needed, head to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia next door. 

The afternoon is all about activities! Transfer to rural estate Yli-Takkula on the other side of the Nuuksio National Park area. You'll enjoy lunch at the summer kitchen and terrace and build your team with sporty programs such as Raft and Hike Safari, Survivors Ready, and Rescue Suit Adventure. The active day ends with a dinner party at Yli-Takkula's large Lappish tepee.

Wacht a video from Yli-Takkula and Eventures summer activities below.

Day 3

Enjoy the world above! After breakfast, you'll head to Leppävaara, one of the regional city centres of Espoo, and challenge your group in high rope adventure at Tree Top Adventure park HUIPPU. The high ropes courses take adventurers to heights 20-60 feet above the forest floor and end with a dizzying final dismount that can be longer than a football field. The absolute highlight of the adventure is a ride on the Tarzan swing!

Sustainable choices

All service providers in this example program are pioneers of responsible tourism in Espoo. To promote sustainable tourism, each operator has an environmental certificate issued by a third party. In addition, Haltia Lake Lodge and Eventure Ltd. have been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland.

Want to find out more?

If you're interested in getting a more detailed suggestion or a direct offer for your group, please send an RFP to: