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A log building surrounded by a forest. A woman dressed in traditional costume at the door.

Special event and dinner venues

We have picked five different event venues and restaurants to help you plan the next cocktail party, stylish gala dinner, atmospheric luncheon, or customer event in the Espoo region, right next to the capital of Helsinki. Regardless of the location and style of your event, one thing is for sure - Finnish nature always surrounds you! So, which one of these venues will offer the right atmosphere for your event?

Image: Nuuksion Taika, Wäinölä

Rooftop restaurant Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky is a rooftop restaurant and bar on top of Accountor Tower, the historical landmark building towering over the area of Keilaniemi in Espoo. Lucy serves contemporary bistro food along with a magnificent view over the city! The glass walls provide views in all directions showcasing the best of the Helsinki region, from diverse urban landscapes to Nuuksio National Park.

The restaurant can be rented out for private functions, such as conference dinners and get together. Lucy in the Sky is perfect for 100 people for a sit-down dinner and up to 150 persons for cocktail events. 

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Wäinölä - Magic of Nuuksio and Kalevala 

Wäinölä is a unique venue located in the middle of the forest, in the armpit of Nuuksio National Park, and less than 40 kilometres from the Helsinki airport and the Helsinki city centre. Wäinölä is the best place to learn about Finnish traditions, folklore, and the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic.

At Wäinölä, you can dive into our ancestors' past and participate in the ancient Kalevala feast. Wrap a ribbon around your waist and set the mood for Finnish traditional music, storytelling, and good food.

Wäinölä is suitable for 45 diners at four long tables. For a group of 20 people, you can combine the tables into one large banquet table.

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White Reindeer Tepee Restaurant in Nuuksio National Park

A three-course dinner at the White Reindeer Restaurant is an experience you won't forget. The peaceful nature of Nuuksio National Park and the tame reindeer from Nuuksio Reindeer Park surrounds you. The restaurant has a maximum capacity of 35 people. The food is made from fresh seasonal ingredients, and the menu emphasizes game and traditional Finnish cuisine.

You can also combine visiting the reindeer park or other outdoor activities with dinner.

White Reindeer Tepee Restaurant


Touch of last centuries glamour in Majvik Castle

Majvik Castle is a unique place for festive lunches, gala dinners, and theme events and celebrations. The entire Castle is in your use, and you can only book it for private use. Which of the halls you want to dine in depends on the number of attendees.

Majvik's Art Nouveau Castle