Saunas are important part of Finnish culture. And it is said that there are enough saunas in Finland to easily accommodate all 5.4 million Finns simultaneously. It’s true, since estimates place the number somewhere between two and three million!

In Espoo you´ll have multiple ways to get familiar with sauna. There are several types of saunas, the most common being electric, wood-heated and smoke saunas. In Espoo you can also book a exotic Inipi Spa sauna experience. Most saunas are private and/or are available for groups to rent, but there are couple public saunas too. Enjoy!

Photo: Hawkhill, Villa Taavetti



Hawk Nest Sauna in Nuuksio is open for public every Sunday until the end of September 2019. Hawk Nest public sauna operates in three different shifts: women’s, men’s and mixed

Women’s public sauna: 11:00-12:30

Mixed public sauna: 12:30-14:00 (swimsuit is obligatory)

Men’s public sauna: 14:00-15:30


Public Sauna´s for 25 persons. Separated sauna-, shower- and dressingrooms for men and women. Both saunas have large locker rooms with lockable closets. Open on weekends during summer from 10am to 7pm and every day during winter. Please check opening hours and possible private reservations first: phone +358 504410741 or email



The separate sauna department consists of a representative sauna and private space. You can follow the bowling alley events from the sauna. All catering options from the menu to drinks can be ordered at the sauna department and other private facilities. Shoppin center Sello is located in Leppävaara.


Two saunas with cabins with direct visibility to the arena. Meeting saunas for up to 43 people. Metro Arena is in the Espoo sports park


For rent traditional smoke sauna, wood-heated sauna and two electric saunas by the beautiful lake. Also suitable for larger groups and can be reserved for private occasions. 


Saivo Sauna’s private facilities are designed for 12 people, whose room reservation includes a hot sauna with shower and dressing area and a cabinet with access to the panoramic terrace. Sauna is located in Nuuksio on lake Pitkäjärvi.


Retrosauna with 70s atmosphere. Two separate saunas for 6 or 10 people can be rented. The sauna section also has a 17-meter swimming pool, a fireplace area, a terrace and a pier. The sauna department can also be reserved for private use. Hanasaari is located in between Keilalahti and Lauttasaari. 


For rent two wood-heated saunas and four electric saunas as part of log cabins in Haukkamäki, Nuuksio are suitable for meetings. From the sauna you can cool off on the terrace. There is a private beach and a pier where you can take a dip in the lake. 


A nice ordering sauna in Lahnus where you can have a sauna after a meeting or spend an evening with your friends. The sauna can accommodate up to 20 people at a time. 


Two saunas with dressing rooms. Saunas can be booked for various recreational and festive occasions. The large sauna has a fireplace room and is suitable for meetings and evenings. The sauna can accommodate 40 to 45 people. The small sauna can accommodate 6 to 10 people and the sauna also has a lounge area. The hotel is located close to Nuuksio on pond Kivilampi.


Pool department: Pool area has two separated sauna room with own shower and dressing rooms, one for the ladies and one for gentlemans. Swimming pool lenght is 16 meters and jacuzzi can take 8 person in at the same time. Smaller sauna has space for 8-10 person and larger sauna for 18-25 person. It is possible to rent sauna room together or separate. Hotel Nuuksio is located in Nuuksio on lake Siikajärvi.

Beach sauna: Sauna has two separated sauna-, shower- and dressingrooms. From combined terrace area is access to a pier and a sand beach in order to get swimming to Siikajärvi-lake. During the winter the lake is frozen but there is a open hole for winter swimmers. Smaller sauna can fit 6-8 person and larger sauna 15-18 person.


Beach sauna: The sauna is suitable for small events. 20 people in winter and 40 people in summer when the terrace is in use. The sauna has the necessary meeting technology to organize a meeting, a private kitchen and an atmospheric fireplace. There is a terrace and a pier. Lånqvik is located in Kirkkonummi.

VIP – sauna Helmihopea: Order sauna at the spa section, with its own entrance to the pool department. The sauna facilities are for 20 people. Jacuzzi bar serves sauna guests.


Beach sauna: A 10-person sauna right by the sea and a pier to cool off in the sea. Majvik is located in Masala, Kirkkonummi.

Cottage sauna: Sauna for 12 people with a summer terrace. There is a separate dressing room, a shower room and a living room with fireplace.

Roope sauna: The 15-person sauna is located on the ground floor of the conference room Emma. The sauna has a meeting room for 12 people and a separate lounge for dining. 

The Hotels saunas: Two large 35 persons saunas designed for women and men, a communal pool and a fireplace room. There is also a smaller 15-person sauna in the hotel building, which is immediately heated by a smart heater. 


Natura Viva offers three saunas for private use in Nuuksio. All saunas are by the lake.

Oravankolo & Tikankolo: Authentic and original forest houses from the 1950s. In both houses there are wood-heated saunas and at the end of the evening it is also possible to stay overnight. Both houses can accommodate six people.

Hawk nest sauna: In the sauna you can enjoy the gentle steam of a genuine wood-heated sauna. The sauna can be booked all year round for private events and the sauna can accommodate up to six people at a time. The sauna has running water and washing facilities.


The Villa Paradise’s wood-heated sauna near of Nuuksio is for 7 people, with two showers, a toilet and a dressing room. The sauna's covered terrace has a table for 12 people, as well as a fireplace and oven. Next to the sauna terrace there is a hot tub that can accommodate 7 people.


The Otaniemi Sauna and cabinet department is a great place for up to 20 people for a meeting or for a sauna after the game. The sauna and cabinet department have its own separate entity, guaranteeing users peace of mind. The sauna and cabinet can also be rented separately.


For rent top-floor wellness area provides a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful views. The facilities include an indoor swimming pool, 3 saunas and a terrace. The accompanying lounge also features a cozy fireplace. The wellness area is available for private bookings. Radisson Blu hotel is located in Otaniemi.


The M/S Saunaship is a yacht for 16 people with a wood-heated sauna for 10 people, a salon, toilet, shower and dressing areas, front and back deck terraces, a swimming ladder, small kitchen and gas grill.


Bear’s nest: Traditional wood-heated sauna in Nuuksio, outdoor jacuzzi and meeting facilities for 20 people.

Safari house / InipiSpa: Large teepee with a gentle, wood-heated sauna and three hot tubs for relaxing in Nuuksio. The sauna can accommodate 15-20 persons at once.


The sauna facility can be booked for private use daily after 7 p.m. In addition to the saunas and swimming pool, the sauna cabinet and sun terrace are available for use. The hotel is located in Tapiola.


Big beach sauna: The large beach sauna can accommodate about 15 persons at one time. During the sauna, you can enjoy the fresh air of the national park on the sauna terrace or on the pier. Solvalla is located in Nuuksio on lake Pitkäjärvi

Little beach sauna: The small beach sauna can accommodate about 6 persons at one time and is located next to the large sauna. If necessary, you can also rent a grill or order food. 


Technopolis sauna facilities in Otaniemi provide a modern setting for atmospheric sauna evenings. Larger parties can be arranged in the largest sauna rooms, which can be combined on the rooftop terrace. There is also a possibility of organizing theme nights in the sauna rooms during the sauna. The capacity is 10 to 24 people, more for free-form events.