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Body Language Training & Show / Vermco Oy

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Body Language Training & Show by Mr. Body Language® Niko Visuri combines learning and fun!

Mr. Body Language® Niko Visuri opens participants eyes and minds to regognize Body Language communication and guides on how to utilize non-verbal communication to gain better results in work as well as personal life. A combination of learning and fun! Body Language Training & Show suits all kind of corporate events, seminars, trainings, work well-being events, parties, dinners and even x’mas parties. Live and onli-events / webinars. Languages: english and finnish. Niko guides how to enhance personal communication, create rapport and trust, enhance well beeing at workplace and how to inrease sales results through mastering of nonverbal communication. Niko Visuri is known and popular key-note speaker, trainer and presenter with more than 1.000 corporate events in 15 countries, including USA, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Spain and Taiwan, with more that 15.000 event participants.