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Borearctia takes you to nature – nature experiences year around

Would you like to have a relaxing guided break in the Finnish nature, a walk enjoining the fresh air of a Boreal Taiga Forest, a bird watching trip or to photograph large herbivores? Would you need guidance to get to know wild edible mushrooms? Are you looking for ideas for recreation and wellbeing at work events? Tell us about your wishes and we’ll prepare a tailor-made activity to you. Borearctia operates mainly in Kirkkonummi, Inkoo or Espoo, where unique nature provides a great setting for nature activities at different seasons of the year. Borearctia takes you to the fascinating Boreal Taiga Forests or natural lakes or to the beautiful seashores of the Baltic Sea. With Borearctia you can also experience the unique traditional ice fishing with nets – a veritable outdoor activity in winter. Borearctia is a nature tourism company founded in 2018 by a biologist, Marita Arvela. Company´s philosophy is to share our knowledge on nature through the local nature, flavoured by the local history. Naturally, company operates in nature on nature’s terms.