Founded in 2015, Café Kulma is a European style cafe, to which it's as natural to pop in for a hot chocolate with your kids as for a glass of wine with your friends.

In addition to good coffee and brewed tea, we serve small sweet treats and salty snacks, hearty salads and delicious baguettes. During workdays we have a price worthy and delicious home cooked lunch buffet. In addition to traditional coffee shop products, we proudly offer the widest range of wines, special beers, ciders and non-alcoholic beers and ciders in the area.

We arrange art exhibitions that change 4 times a year, live music monthly and quiz nights every Sunday evening. Our program also features several times a year theme days - also for children. As pass time we provide Finnish newspapers and both Finnish and international magazines, games for both children and adults and a free of charge 150 Mb/s Wifi.

Café Kulma is also a brilliant venue for smaller private functions up to around 20 persons. Our catering services are happy to serve bigger events.

Contact Information

Yläkartanontie 28, 02360 Espoo
+358 (0)44 239 1548