Espoo City Theatre

Culture and Attractions

Espoo City Theatre is the most international theatre in Finland, thus also known as The International Theatre of Finland. The theatre is situated in Tapiola garden city, about 10 kilometres (6 miles) from Helsinki city centre. The annual number of foreign guest productions is currently around 10, making about 50 performances, and the same numbers are approximately true for Finnish guests as well.Apart from guest activity, the theatre produces 2-3 of its own productions each year. The theatre has two auditoriums, both of which hold around 300 spectators. The auditorium in the old printing house (Revontuli Hall) is used for the theatre's own productions, while the other one (Louhi Hall) is situated in Espoo Cultural Centre and is used to stage visiting productions. A brand new theatre building will be built in 2015, deepening and widening the theatre's scope.

Contact Information

Revontulentie 8, 02100 Espoo
+358 9 4393 388