Meeting Facilities

Espoo Metro Areena is a multipurpose arena, which is suitable for both small and big happenings. The arena offers versatile ways of organizing sports-, entertainment-, business- and other events. The multipurpose arena quickly transforms from a sports arena into a concert hall or a showground for fairs. Whether you need the whole arena or a part of it, Metro Areena always offer modern technology, inspired staff as well as comprehensive and skilled restaurant services.

Meeting facilities

There are 10 stands and conference rooms to hire, of which two includes a sauna. The stands are designed mainly for 10-40 persons, but it is possible to shape them into a space fitting up to 100 people. The nice event day ends with a get-together at the own stand, with sauna and tasty food. There are also spaces for 100-500 people. At the arena it is possible to arrange a concert for almost ten thousand people as well as an atmospherical party for the key persons of your company. The arena can be changed to different sized smaller spaces. The ice hockey auditorium holds about 7000 seats; the concerts can hold about 8500 participants. The arena shapes according to the occasion and the number of participants - Metro Areena is small when you need small, big when you need big!


A sauna for maximum of 10 persons, a sauna lounge for 30 persons.

Contact Information

Urheilupuistontie 3, 02200 Espoo
+358 600 550 122