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Sea and archipelago, Otaniemi - Keilaniemi, Matinkylä-Olari, Espoonlahti

Espoo Waterfront Walkway

The forty kilometer long Espoo Waterfront Walkway takes you through around hundred different point of interests which vary from historic hotspots to beautiful nature views.

The forty kilometer long Espoo Waterfront Walkway, "Espoon Rantaraitti", takes you through around a hundred different points of interest which vary from historic hotspots to beautiful nature views. You can choose a walking route or take a bike path. In addition to the swimming beaches and boat harbors, there are other interesting places along the path, such as scheduled archipelago boats - for a trip to the islands - and bird-watching towers.

The walkway also passes the Nature House Villa Elfvik, hosting art and environment-related exhibitions, the museum villa at Rulludden, and Villa Sinebrychoff at Karhusaari. The nature of the walkway varies from spacious urban to small-scale verdant.

See & Do

Cafes along the Waterfront Walkaway

  • Cafe Otsolahti
  • Café Merenneito
  • Cafe Mellsten
  • Tarvaspää Cafe Zoceria
  • Haukilahden Ranta Cafe & Bar
  • Cafe Cabriela
  • Cafe Villa Rullud
  • Cafe & Butik Pupusaari, Soukka & Kivenlahti



Restaurants along the Waterfront Walkway

  • Lucy in the Sky
  • Nokkalan Majakka
  • Haukilahden Helmi
  • Bistro Ranta
  • Restaurant Blägä
  • Restaurant PLATS
  • Restaurant Villa Pentry
  • Restaurant Marine
  • Restaurant Wiskarila
  • Restaurant Fat Lizard Otaniemi
  • Restaurant Haikaranpesä

Plan and book

In Travel Planner, the travel package marketplace, you can plan, customize and buy your preferred package trip to the maritime atmosphere in Espoo and Kirkkonummi.

In the marketplace for individual experiences, Bookingpoint, you can buy individual experiences for a variety of services and products in the archipelago and at the sea.

Experience Rantaraitti with your mobile phone

During the adventure, your mobile phone will inform you of your whereabouts and notify you to reach the point of interest. Every "POI" can be displayed easily with a single click. You can download the application from Espoo's or Citynomadi's website or directly from with your mobile browser.