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FinnGuru DMC

Programme services

FinnGuru® Local Expert – We have a team of experienced local guides and a network of local travel companies.

We know how the genuine experiences and best regional services are easiest to find via the people living and working in a certain area. We plan the unique experience according to your group and wishes. FinnGuru® Guest Care service helps companies with visiting international guests. Everyone would want their guests to have an unforgettable experience in Finland. FinnGuru® takes care of everything professionally and reliably. We manage the programmes and excursions, including everything your guests require. You can rent a professional, theme-tailored guide from our renting services.

Experience adventures safely, get acquainted with Finnish culture, and see the best urban sights. Our programmes include visits, tours and different excursions, but these are boosted with local things. Your guests can savour the local foods, memorably participate in all sorts of activities, experience the clean nature and peek into Finnish way of life (both business and pleasure). We plan the unique programme to suit your needs - and promise to bring a new edge to it! We can offer you top-quality transport, tasty meals (also in the nature), professional guides and tour leaders.