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Programme services

FoRestful is organizing events into the nature during all four seasons. Snowshoeing, forest-mindfulness, wild herbs, mushrooms - you name it!

FoRestful produces and provides a quality range of activities and tourism services for businesses, communities and individual customers all year round.

The company i operates mainly in Nuuksio and other Uusimaa in Southern Finland, but can organise and offer its services anywhere in the country according to the wishes of the customer. FoRestful is committed to the principles of sustainable nature tourism in all our activities and has a cooperation agreement with The Natural Heritage Services of Metsähallitus (governmental agency managing national parks and conservation areas).

Our services can be distributed roughly in the following categories: physical activities (e.g. canoeing and snowshoeing), wilderness and nature themed programmes or trips (e.g. wilderness skills courses, wild herb courses, mushroom foraging courses) and wellbeing services (e.g. lectures and Forest Mind excursions)

Programmes and trips are planned and carried out by a certified nature and wilderness guide and/or professionals with the relevant activity qualifications.