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Kaikuva Oy

Programme services

Award winning company since 1993. If you want to be sure to enjoy.

Kaikuva -company offers first-class hiking services at the capital region as well as the rest of Finland. Our excellent equipment and expert guides help to make your wilderness experience a great success. We do camping trips and excursions according to your wishes and expectations. THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. All seasons are Kaikuva hiking seasons. OVERNIGHTING IN A TENT. How long do you wish to stay and enjoy your visit in the forest? The decision is yours. FOREST PROGRAMMES: canoeing at sea, the lakes and the rapids, hiking in the terrain, fishing with different device, survival in the snow. Concerts, modern or classical guitar music, Finnish accordion music, singing together by the campfire. Nature education: on the forest fauna and flora; birds, plants, mush- rooms, etc. Nature paths, birding, berry and mushroom excursions, and courses on camping and hiking know-how. Forest Olympics: darts, boot throwing, competition in making a camp fire, survival in the nature. DURING THE TIME OF SNOW AND ICE: Snowshoe hiking, cross country skiing and lake skating, ice fishing, also with nets. MEALS AND SAUNA: Meals and coffee by the open fire throughout the year. Special dishes prepared in the terrain. Bathing in Nuuksio camp saunas, also smoke-sauna available. NATURE COURSES: Variable courses in different fields: camping skills, survival, herbs, stone cutting/grinding and plant colouring courses as well as courses in traditional skills of hands. NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: Our warm hide will welcome you to see White Tailed Eagles and Golden Eagle!

languages: English, Swedish, German and French

Meeting Facilities

Genuine Lapp huts by a lake in Nuuksio for 36 and 56 persons, decorated with deadwood tables and reindeer skins. In addition, Kaikuva Oy also provides many other environments for meeting and functions,together with a programme.


A traditional sauna, for about 20 persons.  

Kaikuva Ltd Nuuksio Hostel and Camping is part of Kaikuva Oy.