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Korpilampi Area

Luukkaa Recreation Area

The Luukkaa recreation area is in the northern part of Espoo, alongside Vihdintie Road.

Luukki, or Luukkaa, one of the most popular outdoor areas in the Helsinki metropolitan area, belongs to the Nuuksio Lake Uplands. This approximately 620-hectare area also accommodates 20 hectares of flying squirrel forest. The core of Luukki is the courtyard of the old manor, and in the vicinity, there is a playground, a ball court, and a swimming area. Luukki's outdoor area has excellent services for hikers: cooking shelters, a fireplace, a sauna, restaurant Laguna, a caravan site, and parking areas. Luukki is also a nice place for recreational fishing, as there are ponds and lakes in the area which are permitted for fishing. In Kaitalampi and Halkolampi, rainbow trout can be caught if permission is received from the Luukki's fishing community. Luukki's outdoor area is conveniently located, as the year-round open Serena Water Park and Hotel Korpilampi are about 2 km away. In winter, there are also ski slopes in Serena.

The Route of the Seven Ponds

The seven-pond route is suitable for both short-distance and long-distance hikers, as there are two official trail options in the area: 5.6-kilometer and 8.6-kilometer routes. The first part of the route is the same for both trails if the hikers start from Luukki’s manor. These trails are easy to walk except for a few steep hills.

The longer of the routes runs through seven ponds. During the hike, hikers can explore the varied landscapes, such as small ponds, cliffs, groves, and swamps. Luukki is a nature reserve, which has natural treasure areas Kaitalampi and Luukki. Here everyone’s rights come into play, as the area offers great spots for picking mushrooms and berries.  

The first ponds that the hikers come across are Hepolampi and Kierlampi. The third pond is Hauklampi, where the hikers can take the shorter trail, which goes around the pond and returns to Luukki’s manor. The energetic nature lovers can continue their hike towards Väärälampi through Mustalampi. The Pond Väärälampi is one of a kind as it is completely natural in the area. After Väärälampi, have a stop at the fire pit in Halkolampi. Near the fire pit, there is also a parking place. The final and the seventh pond Kaitalampi is an excellent swimming spot and easily accessible, as it is right along Vihti Road. From Kaitalammi, the walking distance back to Luukki Manor is about 2.5 km. The route back to Luukki’s manor bypasses a golf course. Luukki's outdoor area has two golf courses, Luukki and Lakisto, which are maintained by the same golf club. The hiking trail signs and numbered destination boards guide hikers along the route of the Seven Ponds.