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Nuuksio National Park

Nuuksio National Park's versatile nature has activities to offer for everyone.

Nuuksio National Park is about 30 minutes from Helsinki and is located in the areas of Espoo, Kirkkonummi, and Vihti. It has been a destination for travels for thousands of years and is one of Finland's most popular national parks. Its rich nature with its lakes and ponds, swamps, and cliffs, is a treasure for all ages. 

Park's location in between the oak forest zone and the southern boreal forest zone makes nature very versatile and unique. In Nuuksio you can enjoy the variety of landscapes formed by the Ice Age. Over 80 small lakes and ponds are found from Nuuksio National Park and they are as diverse as the nature around them. Some with rocky shores and some surrounded by open bogs.

Enjoy Nuuksio’s nature all year round, either on your own or by taking part in guided tours. Did you know that in Nuuksio it is possible to run into a flying squirrel?

Getting there

It's easy to arrive at Nuuksio National park either by public transport or by car. You can park your personal vehicle in the parking areas of Kattila, Högbacka, and Siikaniemi. Bus 243 and 244 runs from Espoo station to Siikaniemi, taking you to the southern part of the national park. You can find more directions from


At the Finnish Nature Center Haltia, it is possible to learn about Finnish nature and Finland's 40 national parks. Near Haltia, travelers can experience the southernmost reindeer park in Finland, which is well suited for families. Nuuksio has a rich offer of activities to do, and the unique national park can be explored both independently and by taking part in guided tours and excursions.

In Nuuksio there are nature trails for every hiker, e.g. trails for unobstructed hiking. There are about ten marked nature trails, which lengths are from 1.5 to tens of kilometers. The area has excellent cycling facilities as there are 30 kilometers of cycling routes. The Route 2000 for cycling, which is more than 110 kilometers long also runs across Nuuksio. Horseback riders can enjoy 22 kilometers of trails in Nuuksio. Bikes can be booked for rent from Natura Viva in Hawk´s Nest, Haltia Nature Center, Solvalla Sports Institute, or the Northern Gate of Nuuksio.

Sleep well in Nuuksio and choose accommodation style upon your preference. There is a lot to choose from: hotels, cottages, wilderness huts, Igluhuts, or nights in the tree tent. After sweet dreams, what about going cycling, paddling, or kayaking? Nuuksio is a year-round destination that always has something to offer for everyone. 

Guidance and nature information

From Haukkalampi you will find Haukanpesä Guide Hut and Haukkalampi Nature Information Hut. From Guide hut you will find information about the National park, buy outdoor maps and snacks. Nature Information Hut's permanent exhibition will provide information about the Flying Squirrel (emblem species of Nuuksio) and its habitat.

If you want to know more about Finland's versatile nature it's recommendable to visit the Finnish Nature Center Haltia. From there you will find all of Finland’s nature under one roof.


Nuuksio has fireplaces and cooking shelters for hikers, which are perfect places for a break, whether it is time for picnicking or a good barbecue. Fireplaces are also nice meeting places to get to know other hikers. Please note that campfires are not allowed during the forest fire warning. The fireplaces in Nuuksio are Haukanholma, Holma-Saarijärvi, Iso-Holma, Kattilajärvi, Kattila, Mustalampi, Saarilampi, Urja and Vääräjärvi.

Camping Areas

In the Nuuksio forests’, several camping sites are found. Mustalampi, Haukanholma, Holma-Saarijärvi, Iso-Holma, Saarilampi, Urja, Vääräjärvi, Kattilajärvi, Yli-Takkula and Kolmoislampi have a dry toilet and a place for a campfire. Valkealampi, Pöksynhaara and Valkialampi are camping areas, however, these places do not have facilities as dry toilets and a place for campfire.

Outdoor Etiquette

When in nature, bear in mind the outdoor etiquette so that nature remains good for future generations. To show respect towards nature, favor the marked routes, follow rules concerning different modes of transport and avoid littering. Pets shall be kept on a leash. Camping and campfires are only allowed in specific areas. Washing dishes or oneself shall not be done directly in the water. Please note to check for any forest or grass fire warnings. Before hiking, read the current rules in Nuuksio.

Further information

For more information for example of camping, campfire, instructions, and rules you will find from . Accommodation options you will find from Visit Espoo's blog.