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Ravintola Fat Lizard


No Bullshit. There really is a restaurant open every day of the year all night long in Espoo.

The  Fat Lizard Restaurant in Espoo opened the doors in January 2018. We get excited over visually stunning, hand made and abundant food. To top that they have a large and almost daily changing selection of Fat Lizard and other local craft breweries’ beers. 

The restaurant has over 200 seats and especially during weekend and busy seasons a table reservation is recommended. 

Restaurant Fat Lizard is situated very close to the Aalto University metro station, take the exit Tietotie and you are almost there. 


In the restaurant they grill, smoke, fry and constantly bake new  ideas while our genuine italian wood-oven bears  hands-down the best pizzas in all of Espoo. Seasons and tastes from all around the world are present on the menu, which changes three times a year.  

You can call to the restaurant 020 127 7710 and order take away pizzas and burgers. Home delivery is possible via Wolt and Foodora.  

Lunch and brunch are on break from 1st Jan 2021 onwards.

The restaurant is open Wed-Fri at 15.00-23.00, Sat at 12.00-23.00, Sun at 13.00-23.00.


Lunch buffet is set on weekdays from 10:30 until 14:00. The buffet includes many delicious salads, soup, bread, warm dish (also for veggies) and coffee or tea. During the linhc hours you can also order á la Carte dishes and pizzas.


On Sundays there's a brunch from 10:30 until 15:00. The buffet tables are full of delicacies, vegetables, fish, meat, pizza, beef and so on. Not to forget the great seleccion of sweet desserts. For the brunch we recommend a table reservation