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Sea and archipelago



Popular rocky camping island in Espoo Archipelago.

During the summertime Rövaren is reachable by the Espoo archipelago boats that are running on daily basis from June until August, except on Mondays. Travel with the archipelago ferry or your own sailing boat to Rövaren for camping, hiking, landscape photography or just enjoying local flora and fauna.

Rövaren has rocky beaches, pinewoods, blueberry and lingonberry-heaths. The southwest beach is home to many beautiful and rugged coast-plants. The highest point of the island has a great view to Porkkalanniemi. You can heat food at the campfires.

There are several cooking shelters and permanent fireplaces on the island. The city of Espoo takes care of firewood. There are mooring rings for the visitors who arrive to the island by own boats.

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