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Salmi Recreation Area

Salmi recreation area in Vihti offers a great setting for outdoor activities.

Salmi outdoor recreation area has excellent options for hiking. Salmi recreation area is located on the northern side of Nuuksio National Park, in Vihti municipality. Salmi Outdoor Recreation Area is also known as Nuuksio Northern Gate offering several trails which are from under two kilometers to 10 kilometers. These marked trails are suitable for hiking, jogging, or just walking during the summer. During the winter trails are serving the users as skiing tracks.

Along the trails, there are rest areas and cooking shelters. Shower and toilet facilities, beaches, and playgrounds for kids are found in the area. Café Nuuksion Pohjoinen Pirtti, rental sauna, bike rental and tentsile accommodation can be found there. Camping is allowed. A company called Nuuksion Taika offers both villa accommodation and activity services in the region.

Camping in the area is allowed either with a tent or a caravan in the marked areas. Preparing your own food outdoors is possible in one of the cooking shelters. There is also a café in the area. Swimming is possible at Lake Salmijärvi. The two saunas are located at the lakeside and at the main building.

There is a bus route from Helsinki center along Vihdintie/ Vanha  Porintie. The nearest bus stop is located appr. 1 km from the area. The busses operate only a few times a day, please check the time schedules on There is a large parking area for cars.




Manor Gnome’s Trail

Along this nature trail, the whole family gets to know the versatile nature types and to trail´s fairy-tale residents. Manor Gnome’s Tour is 1,5 kilometers long. The trail passes through several different natural environments, which all have their own fairy-tale resident. Along the path, there are playgrounds, a swimming place, and a campfire site. The path ends at the playground. The trail is marked with orange. 

Paavo’s path

This easy and short trail offers beautiful meadow, beach, and forest views for the whole family. Paavo’s path is 1.6 kilometers long and it passes through meadows, beaches, and forests. Along the road, there is a picnic place in Lammasniemi. Paavo’s path is well suited for children, families, and seniors alike. The trail is marked with blue. 

Tapio’s Tour

Along this quite long hiking trail, it is possible to get to know Finnish forest scenery and beautiful lake views. Tapio’s Tour is about 10 kilometres long and it goes through the forest, swamp, and waterside landscapes. You can either walk the whole path or take a shortcut from Lake Iso-Parikka. Along the trail, there are campfire sites and swimming places at the Iso-Parikka and Pikku-Parikka beaches. Tapio’s Tour is intended for fit hikers of all ages, and it is easy to walk. The trail is marked with green colour. 


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