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Soidinkierros Trail

A circle trail with rocky outcrops to Nuuksio's largest bog - a stone's throw from restaurant and accommodation services.

Here, next to Siikaranta, nature lovers can combine a wonderful restaurant and accommodation setting with a light day hiking. The hike starts in the courtyard of Hotel Nuuksio, which has a parking area in the yard. Soidinkierros is an easy and flat circle trail in the vicinity of Lake Siikajärvi and Hotel Nuuksio. The trail is suitable for hikers of all levels. 

The highlight of the hike is the great view of Nuuksio's largest marshland, Soidinsuo. Along this 4-kilometer route, hikers can admire the landscape of the rocky outcrops and old forest. The trail is marked in green. 

After a few hours of hiking, you can enjoy accommodation as well as sauna and restaurant services right on the shores of Lake Siikajärvi at Hotel Nuuksio. Hotel Nuuksio also offers to experience other fun activities, such as tennis and frisbee golf. 

The nearest bus stop is located about a 2-kilometer walk away from Hotel Nuuksio. There is a parking area in the hotel courtyard.


Contact Information

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