The Dudesons Activity Park


Amazing Dudesons Activity Park offers fun for all ages

The coolest Trampolines in the area, a Ninja Adventure, the largest of its kind in Finland, and a Tree House that stretches into the sky. At the Dudesons's place you get to do all of those things that your mother won't let you do at home: play floorball and basketball in the Kitchen, kick a ball in the Garage, take slapshots in the Living Room, and curl in the Sauna. You can test how good you are at squelching in the Swamp Run, climb up the cliff above the Cave with Britney the pig, and play wildly with your friend in the Rapid Jump.

The family's youngest can enjoy the Mini Ninja Adventure at the Circus, the Farm, and the Toddler Playground. And there is still more! After you have honed your skate and scooter skills to perfection at the Skatepark, you deserve to visit the sumptuous lunch tables and tasty delicacies in Dudesons Activity Park's restaurant Pirttihirmu, where you can stuff yourself with locally produced food.

Contact Information

Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo