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Leppävaara, Otaniemi - Keilaniemi

The Laajalahti Nature Reserve


The nature trail presents the special natural features of Laajalahti.

The nature reserve presents the special natural features of Laajalahti. Laajalahti is at its richest in spring, when flocks of thousands of migrating birds use the bay as a resting place. The nature trail is 2.9 kilometres long. It runs from Villa Elfvik to the Otaniemi bird-watching tower. The nature trail does not require heavy hiking equipment, and duckboards have been laid over the most difficult parts. There are also shorter trails available starting from Villa Elfvik. The shortest one, a 700-metre trail, is accesible with wheelchairs and strollers as well. Also the Villa Elfvik bird-watching tower can be accessed with a wheelchair.

The 40-kilometre Espoo Waterfront Walkway is also connected to the Laajalahti Nature Reserve. 

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