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The Sorlampi Nature Trail

A forested nature trail - full of fascinating cliffs and creek valleys, and hidden giant’s kettles and caves.

The 5-kilometer-long nature trail Sorlampi is located mainly in the conservation area in diverse forest terrain. The trail is about 5-km long and it takes 1.5 – 2 hours to walk along it. The area is characterized by steep rocky outcrops with valleys of streams between them, and in places by seemingly untouched coniferous forest. Along the trail, there are fascinating geological findings such as Sorlampi giant’s cauldron and the Hiidenpesä cave. The trail branches northwards from Hakjärventie and runs through the Lajalampi steam valley to Sorlampi then runs south along the Sorlampi fracture valley, then turns back from there to the starting point.

The trail can be accessed by foot from the yard of Nuuksio outdoor house in Brobacka. In addition, right next to the nature trail, there is a small car park for those traveling by their own car. A short path leads from the car park to the nature trail itself.

There are five information boards along the trail. The Sorlampi giant’s cauldron and the Hiidenpesä cave are close to the route. The Sorlampi cooking shelter is a good place to stop for snacks or grilling sausages. The trail is not easily accessible as in some places it is rocky and there are tree roots. However, duckboards have been laid over the most difficult parts.

Contact Information

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