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Korpilampi Area

The Tremanskärr Nature Reserve and Trail

3,7-kilometer nature trail goes trough the Tremanskärr nature reserve.

The Tremanskärr trail is almost 4 kilometers long, and it runs largely in a nature reserve on duckboards. It is one of the most diverse swamp and bog areas in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and the information boards describe nature in the Northern Espoo and the Tremanskärr highmoors.  
Behind the name of Tremanskärr lies an interesting story. According to it, during, the “Great Hatred”, the era of Russian domination at the beginning of the 18th century, three Russian men would have crossed the swamp without reaching the other side. 

In addition to swamp and bog areas, the marked nature trail runs through rocky forests and in the vicinity of the forest pond Kurkijärvi. Along the trail, there are several nice places to take a break. Two shorter route options are also available: 2,8 km goes around Tremanskärr and the other 3,4 km via Forest Pond Kurkijärvi. 

Access to the trail is from the car park facing the Pohjois-Espoo and Kalajärvi school on Vihdintie.

Contact Information

Vihdintie 65, 02970 Espoo
+358 9 8162 4832