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Vaakkoi Recreational Area

Small ponds, narrow trails, green forests, and spectacular rugged rocky landscapes along this wilderness area.

In Vaakkoi Recreational Area hikers can enjoy the authentic wilderness atmosphere with its small paths that pass by beautiful ponds, rugged rocky landscapes, and green forests. This nature area is especially suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who are used to hiking independently in nature. Numerous narrow paths crisscross there, but they are not marked. A compass and map are recommended in the area.

Pond Kämmenlampi has a shed for hikers to enjoy. Campfire and camping are prohibited in the area.

The toilets can be found close to the parking area and next to the Saarijärvi beach on the other side of Vihdintie, which is a great spot for swimming after a nice hike in Vaakkoi

Vaakkoi can be reached by bus or car. There is also a parking area for cars. The nearest bus stop is just over 2 km from the area. The time schedules for busses can be checked on the HSL website.

Contact Information

02980 Espoo