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Sled Hills at Espoo and Vicinity

There are many sled hills, ski tracks and few ski centers in Espoo and its neighbouring area. Here is the list of the most popular places.

Ruduksen pulkkamäki Olarissa

Sled Hills

In Espoo there are many sled hills. They are located in:

Most of these places are near of services like food stores and shopping malls. 



Ihmiset hiihtämässä Oittaan Pirttimäen hiihtoladulla

Ski trails

Espoo has about 200 km ski tracks and 60 km of them are lit. You can find ski tracks from you can find the conditions of the tracks and their location. Green color means that tracks are in the good condition. 


Näkymä Serena Ski rinteistä

Ski centers in Espoo and Vicinity

Peuramaa Ski

Peuramaa ski is the whole family's ski center. Ski center is located in Kirkkonummi. Website is available only in Finnish. 

Serena ski 

From Serena Ski you can find five daily-maintained and illuminated ski runs.They have options for beginners and more advanced skiers and snowboarders.


Swinghill ski center offers three slopes, a wide competition slope, a long-family slope (500 m) and a gently sloping children’s slope. They have also cafetaria. 

Vihti Ski Center

Vihti Ski Center Offers a wide variety of slopes for both alpine skiers and snowboarding. They also have private lessons for beginners or  more advanced. There are four different restaurants. Three of them are opened only during weekend.