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Responsibility is important for Espoo tourism companies and the entire city. An innovative sustainable actor, Espoo welcomes responsible, environmentally-aware visitors.

A woman walking in the forest and picking berries.


Espoo tourism companies are sustainability leaders

Espoo tourism companies and organisations have long been leaders in eco-tourism, with eco-credentials including:

Espoo is Europe’s most sustainable city

An international benchmark study carried out in spring 2016 & 2017 of more than 140 cities, ranks Espoo as the most sustainable city in Europe based on economic, socio-cultural and ecological factors. Espoo aims for a sustainable future

Espoo was also the first city in Finland to join Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, which aims at ensuring nature’s carrying capacity to safeguard a prosperous globally responsible Finland.

Espoo is a Fairtrade City

In 2009, Espoo was among the first cities in Finland to be awarded the status of Fairtrade City. Visitors can enjoy Fairtrade gastronomic delights in Espoo restaurants and cafés committed to Fairtrade.

Tips for responsible tourism and greener meetings in Espoo