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Photo: Kathrin Deter

Finland is a true winter wonderland - and you don’t have to venture far North to experience all those magical snow activities. Espoo has it all - in Nuuksio National Park. Here are things to do in Nuuksio that might surprise you: 


Downhill skiing in Espoo? While Southern Finland isn’t known to be the place for skiing holidays, the Solvalla Swinghill slopes are popular amongst skiers in Finland! Since 1946, the hill on the edge of Nuuksio National Park has invited locals and visitors to brace the slopes in winter time - and by bike in the summer months. The steeper competition slope is a welcome challenge for advanced skiers, the more gentle slope is beginner-friendly. 

There are two lifts, a rental shop and you can book courses for all ages. So even as an adult, you can learn how to ski in Espoo! The café on the slope precedes its reputation: the voisilmäpulla (butter-eye pastries) are famous amongst the visitors.

Day pass: 28€



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Snowshoes are a safe and fun way to get around in snow and ice! They are strapped on to your own boots or shoes and give your foot a wider surface area, preventing you from sinking into the deep snow. Its metal claws grip on tight to icy surfaces to help you be safe out there in the outdoors. Nuuksio National Park has many beautiful trails that are a great place to venture out in the woods. It’s a low-threshold and inexpensive activity that is great to connect with nature in winter!

You can rent them at the Finnish Nature Center Haltia or book a guided tour here



The only reindeer that live in the South of Finland are at home in Espoo! The Nuuksio Reindeer Park is a hidden gem that is guaranteed to bring you happiness. Learn about reindeer husbandry, enjoy some coffee from the fireplace and of course - feed the reindeer! It’s a great place to spend a day on the weekend and experience a piece of Lapland magic!

Reindeer park: 25 € adult / 10 € child

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Kathrin Deter

Photo: Kathrin Deter


Nature is an integral part of life in Finland, and in Haltia you can learn all about it! The exhibitions in the stunning building at the edge of the National Park tell you everything you need to know about nature in Finland, its wildlife and much more. You can also rent all kinds of equipment to try out on one of the many hiking trails that start from Haltia. Don’t miss their Retkilauantai (Haltia Outdoor Saturday) event that takes place on the first Saturday of each month, with a different theme or topic - with workshops, courses and much more.

Haltia entrance: Adults: 13€ / Children: 8€ / free for children under 7

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Every season is bike season in Finland! Fat bikes with their chunky tires are a safe and fun way to explore the nature in winter, on all kinds of different terrains. 

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If you ever have wanted to try curling, Nuuksio is the place for it! Take your team with you and head out to a frozen lake to give it a go! 



Not just super fun but also a great way to get around is by kicksled! Join a kicksled safari or rent a kicksled and explore the surroundings of Nuuksio on your own. 

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