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Kauniainen is a small and picturesque town located inside the city limits of Espoo. Locals call it often "The Garden City," as it offers a tranquil and green environment with gardens, parks and residential areas. It is easy to arrive in Kauniainen with a train from Espoo and Helsinki.

Take a look at our suggestions on things to do and see in Kauniainen and visit the smallest municipality in Finland. 


Kasavuori nature trail, about 8 km loop close to the Kauniainen centre.

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Gallträsk lake, a beautiful nature trail winds around the lake and leads to a small swamp area. The serene and calm landscape transforms with the changing seasons.

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Kesäinen näkymä Kauniaisten Gallträsk-järvelle.
Photo: Riikka Laatikainen
Rock ruins in forest
Photo: Kauniainen


Restaurant Moms 

Restaurant Guidos   


Meetings and events facilities 

Uusi Paviljonki - concert and meeting hall for max 200 people 

Vallmogård - a stylish Art Nouveau villa and a previous home of artist’s home 

Villa Junghans - an old villa from the 1910s for max 150 people   

Outside view of Villa Vallmogård in Kauniainen municipality
Photo: Kauniainen / Villa Vallmogård

Hero Image: Visit Kauniainen