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The colourful and diverse nature and rural landscapes of Vihti offer experiences and adventures, ranging from Nuuksio National Park to stunning lakeland scenery and Salpausselkä ridge system which runs across Southern Finland. Vihti's diverse nature offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and sports and charming opportunities for staying overnight in charming cabins with a lake view.  


Take a look at our suggestions on things to do and see in Vihti.  


Nuuksio National Park – Nuuksio expands to Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti areas

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Palakoski Recreational Area – cliffs with amazing views, diverse nature, and a deep forest atmosphere

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Things to do and see  

PuuhaPark (perfect for families with children)

Vihdin ratsutalli stables 

Vihti Ski Center 

Lake side of Nuuksion Taika villas
Photo: Nuuksion Taika
Group approching Wine in the Woods area in forest
Photo: Wine in the Woods

Golf courses 

Hills by GoGolf 

Vihti Golf 


Main building of Hills Golf
Photo: Hills by GoGolf

Hero Image: Wine in the Woods - Retkipaikka