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Meet Espoo News (ENG)

Meet Espoo News is aimed at international MICE sector, for international congresses and corporate events organizers. The newsletter brings the latest news and releases from Espoo's meetings, congress and events world presenting the area and its services and new products. Newsletter is published four times a year. Previously appeared on the newsletters you can find below.



Meet Espoo News 3/2017: Get inspired by autumn colours
Meet Espoo News 2/2017: Hanaholmen is open again - Meet us at IMEX - Espoo remains the most sustainable city in Europe

Meet Espoo News 1/2017: New openings and great achievements


Meet Espoo News 11/2016: Christmas atmosphere and winter adventures
Meet Espoo News 09/2016: Get inspired by autumn! 
Meet Espoo News 05/2016: Enjoy the Finnish Summer
Meet Espoo News 03/2016: Discover Espoo at IMEX 2016

Experience Espoo (CH, ENG, RU)

Newsletter for tour operators in English, Russian and Chinese.

2017 ENG

Experience Espoo 3/2017: Autumn - the most colourful season is almost here
Experience Espoo 2/2017: Get fascinated by summer experiences in Espoo
Experience Espoo 1/2017: Discover various cultural events in Espoo during the upcoming spring

2017 RU

Visit Espoo 2/2017: Яркие летние впечатления в Эспоо

2017 CH

体验埃斯波Espoo 2/2017: 让人着迷的埃斯波夏天


2016 ENG

Experience Espoo 4/2016: Christmas atmosphere and winter adventures
Experience Espoo 3/2016: Autumn fun and inspiration
Experience Espoo 2/2016: Summer fun in Espoo

2016 CH

体验埃斯波Espoo 3/2016 :秋韵与灵感
体验Espoo1/2016 体验Espoo1/2016:非凡的芬兰健康休闲旅游产品

2016 RU

Откройте для себя Эспоо 3/2016: Зимние приключения и дух Рождества
Откройте для себя Эспоо 2/2016: Летние каникулы в Эспоо