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Meet Espoo News (ENG)

Meet Espoo News is aimed at international MICE sector, for international congresses and corporate events organizers. The newsletter brings the latest news and releases from Espoo's meetings, congress and events world presenting the area and its services and new products. Newsletter is published four times a year. Previously appeared on the newsletters you can find below. 


Meet Espoo News 4/2019: Winter adventures await you in Espoo
Meet Espoo News 3/2019: Finnish luxury, old time glamour and magical nature adventures await you in Espoo!
Meet Espoo News 2/2019: Head to the sea! Top tips for marine events in Espoo, Finland

Meet Espoo News 1/2019: Summer time incentive trip ideas


Meet Espoo News 4/2018: Winter time incentive trip ideas
Meet Espoo News 3/2018: 8 + 1 special event and dinner venues in Espoo
Meet Espoo News 2/2018: Meet us at IMEX and join our happiest happy hour!
Meet Espoo News 1/2018: Magic of the Finnish nature and culture - A new  192-room hotel to Espoo


Experience Espoo (CH, ENG, RU)

Newsletter for tour operators in English, Russian and Chinese.

2019 ENG

Experience Espoo 4/2019: Experience the magical Christmas atmosphere and winter adventures in Espoo
Experience Espoo 3/2019: Colorful autumn atmosphere and activities in Espoo - Enjoy the delicious seasonal food and nature activities!
Experience Espoo 2/2019: Come and enjoy the summertime experiences in Espoo.
Experience Espoo 1/2019: Choose your favorite way to experience culture

2019 RU

ОТКРОЙТЕ ДЛЯ СЕБЯ ЭСПОО 4/2019: Очаруйтесь рождественской атмосферой и сказочной зимой Эспоо
ОТКРОЙТЕ ДЛЯ СЕБЯ ЭСПОО 3/2019: Очаруйтесь яркими красками и осенней атмосферой Эспоо
ОТКРОЙТЕ ДЛЯ СЕБЯ ЭСПОО 2/2019: Приезжайте провести лето в Эспоо
Откройте для себя Эспоо 1/2019: Окунитесь в яркую культурную жизнь

2018 ENG

Experience Espoo 4/ 2018: Winter fun in Espoo - enjoy activities around the city
Experience Espoo 3/ 2018: Let the autumn charm you in Espoo - Choose your favourite place to stay
Experience Espoo 2/2018: Enjoy summery experiences in Espoo
Experience Espoo 1/2018: Choose your favorite way to experience culture

2018 RU

Откройте для себя Эспоо 3/2018: Очарование осени в Эспоо

2018 CH

埃斯波之快活冬季 - 体验城市及周边的冰雪活动