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Group kayaking in winter

Incentive travel

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Curious about what an incentive in Espoo could entail?

Let us paint you a picture of exciting possibilities and unforgettable experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether it is team-building activities, out-of-the-ordinary venues for dinners, or fun experiences, you're looking for.

Enjoy the Finnish hospitality and traditions - try, for example, an authentic smoke sauna, jump into the lake for a refreshing swim or take a stroll in the beautiful woods. Taste traditional Finnish cuisine in one of the local restaurants or pick the ingredients (like berries, mushrooms, and herbs) and prepare the food yourself.

Summer season

In Summer, Finland transforms into the Land of the Midnight Sun, and the entire capital region can be enjoyed night and day. How about taking a midnight kayaking adventure through the Espoo archipelago or a SUP adventure in the forest lakes in Nuuksion National Park? 

Winter season

Espoo offers a chance to experience a glimpse of the Arctic too; visit the Nuuksio Reindeer Park, meet the friendly Siberian huskies which love your hugs, raise your adrenaline in a fast sledge dog ride and enjoy the evening with a dinner in an authentic Lappish hut. Ice fishing, snowshoeing, and ice spa are a must during winter! Or how about a rescue suit swimming in the frozen lake?

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Discover the range of activities in Espoo and tailor your incentive program to perfection!