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Accessible holiday

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We believe that traveling belongs to everyone

Whether you are a tourist with reduced mobility, in a wheelchair, visually impaired, or family traveling with a pram - in Espoo and surrounding neighborhoods, you will find a lot to see, do, and experience barrier-free.  

Accessibly Getting Around

HSL Public Transportation

  • Metro: The metro cars and the station platforms are at the same height. Every metro station has at least one barrier-free entrance and at least one elevator. Many stations have sound indicators that make it easier for the visually impaired visitors to move. Metro trains have announcements and text displays. All Espoo's (west side) metro stations are accessible. There are no high thresholds or stairs on the walkways. The entrances have either a group of three escalators and two elevators or an elevator entrance between the floor levels, where you can easily reach the platform level with a direct elevator connection.

More Info on Metro Stations accessibility  

  • Local Train: All commuter rail carriages in the HSL area are low-floor and almost all station platforms are at the same height as the floor of the commuter trains. As an exception, the platforms of Kauniainen and Kera stations are lower than the floor of commuter trains, and the track of Kirkkonummi station is three times higher than the floor of commuter trains. Accessible carriages are marked with a wheelchair symbol.

More Info on HSL Accessibility

  • Bus Network: HSL's buses are low-floor and the middle door has a manually operated ramp rising from the floor. The bus lines have announcements telling the name of the stop and screens telling the next stop.

More info on HSL accessibility


Seaside & Archipelago Boats

Scheduled Archipelago Boats (partly accessible, more information from boat providers Aava Lines Oy and FRS Finland Oy)

  • All boats are possible to enter with a manual wheelchair, but an assistant is required. Unfortunately, you cannot get on the boat with an electric wheelchair due to their weight. There is no actual ramp to the boat, but the wheelchair is lifted over the threshold with an assistant.
  • Unfortunately, there are no accessible toilets on the boats at the moment.
  • Direct Lines to Pentala Island and Iso Vasikkasaari Island fit on the boat multiple wheelchairs at the same time. The Route Lines from Otaniemi and Kivenlahti have space only for 1-2 wheelchairs at a time. Please, also note that the outer islands (Gåsgrund Island, Stora Herrö Island, and Rövaren Island) are not accessible.
  • Pentala Island and Iso Vasikkasaari Island are accessible to wheelchair visitors, but we recommend having an assistant/non-wheelchair visitor along. On these two islands, you can also find accessible toilets.


JT Line boat transportation and cruises


Other Accessible transportation

Åbergin Linja bus transportation


Find accessible hiking trails and outdoor areas over here


Accessible Accommodation

Note: Make sure about accessible rooms availability from hotels' receptions or their website before making a reservation.

Accessible Sights & activities


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