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A meal with a bun.

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Gastromap for your Stay in Espoo


Dining by the coast, on the open sea, or in the middle of the woods? Espoo got it all! If you are the type of tourist who loves to explore destinations through delicious food, breathtaking views, and an unbeatable atmosphere, you chose the right place! 

Finland in miniature is the nickname that Espoo received, and it's 100% true. The destination, as well as cuisine, covers from stunning seaside over fast city options to nature on a plate, served in the heart of the local National Park. What's more, these places are located in typical and not-so-typical - still amazing places: 

Plate with meal and woman hands
Photo: Bella Table

A typical red wooden Finnish house is the home of Villa Lilla restaurant. The restaurant changes its menu every week, so you can keep exploring new fascinating combinations. Next to a full belly and satisfied taste buds, you may also take the most typical photo from Nordics - with the old wooden house!

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Pancakes by the lake
Photo: Mika Viitanen

If you are a nature lover or seeking enhancement for your well-being from nature. Haltia restaurant is your place to be! The famous' nature on a plate' lunch just tells it all without any extra explanation needed. Besides that, the location is perfect if you want to slow down, reconnect with local nature, or maybe Wine in the Woods!

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People dining next to the sailing boat
Photo: Antti Rastivo

Cuisine and tasting can be the travel experience itself. With our newest in-town restaurant Ulappa you can get the 5-star fine dining experience that brings you to local islands and introduce you to local waters and archipelago cuisine. That all while cruising on a yacht with your friends or family! 

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Rooftop Restaurant view
Photo: Antti Rastivo

All rooftop view - hunters are more than welcome to enjoy coastal cuisine - literally - in the sky! Restaurant Lucy in the Sky presents wonderful views of Espoo's and Helsinki's neighborhoods.

Tip from us - come to enjoy a drink or dinner during the sunset 'golden' hour!

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Hero Image: Antti Rastivo