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Espoo Ambassador 2023 award event.

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“Organisation of a congress is always a honorable task” - Professor Peter Lund awarded as Espoo Ambassador 2023


Espoo has a new congress ambassador, professor of engineering physics Peter Lund from Aalto University, who was chosen as the Espoo Ambassador 2023. The award recognises Lund's significant contribution to inviting and organising international scientific congresses in Finland, Espoo, and abroad.

"It is a great honour to serve as the Espoo Ambassador. The task is enjoyable for a professor because the city of Espoo is very innovation and science-friendly and forward-looking. I hope to promote Espoo as a congress destination within my own Otaniemi community and make Espoo known on international forums. Nurturing and promoting the excellent collaboration between the city of Espoo and Aalto University is also important to me", comments Professor Peter Lund.

Lund has been involved in organising international congresses for several decades. In particular, he has been active in various arrangements and committees for the International Conference on Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials & Thin Films for Energy Applications, both as the main organiser in Espoo and as a chairperson in events held abroad.

The professor believes organising international congresses is always worthwhile, as it gives a lot and rewards significant time investment.

"Organising a congress is always an honourable task where we represent our country. It is a unique opportunity to showcase our research and our country's scientific achievements to an international audience and highlight the best aspects of Finland to foreigners. Also, the congress is often a good 'excuse' to invite leading experts here and network with the best", says Lund.

Professor Lund is the 13th Espoo Ambassador. The award was announced on December 19, 2023, during an invitation-only event held at Aalto University, hosted by the city of Espoo and Aalto University together with Visit Espoo.

The Ambassador of the Year award is part of Visit Espoo's Espoo Ambassador program. The program aims to highlight the value and broad impact of international scientific congresses and to assist and support researchers and science professionals in organising these important events.

"Although we reward only one distinguished congress organiser with the title of Espoo Ambassador of the Year each year, we want to convey that all those who work with congresses are important Espoo ambassadors. At the annual Espoo Ambassador event, we get the opportunity to share this message, and our event has also found its place among the scientific community. Almost 60 guests participated in the event this year, which greatly indicates interest in our program and congresses," says Miikka Valo, Director, Conventions and tourism at Visit Espoo.

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Espoo Ambassador programme

The Espoo Ambassador program highlights the broad significance of congresses.