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Naiset kuvaavat kännykällä taideteosseinää EMMA-museossa.

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2-3 hours to spare for Culture Lovers


Even if you have limited time for your visit to Espoo, you can experience plenty of amazing cultural sights and experiences, located just 20 minutes by metro or local train ride from the capital, Helsinki! Let's have a look at our recommendations!

Dron view over Tapiola Garden sight
Photo: Omar El Mrabt

Visit to Espoo Museum of Modern Art - EMMA 

EMMA is home to modern art with plenty of fascinating exhibitions to amaze you. You can stop by for an exhibition visit at your own pace or experience more through their guided tours and art workshops. The museum is located just 1 km away from the closest metro stop (Tapiola) or just a few meters away from the closest bus stop.

You can choose from:

  • Visiting current exhibitions at your own pace (approx. 1-3h)
  • Art Intro (15 minutes guided tour)
  • Guided tour for adults or teens and children (1h)
  • Art workshop for adults or teens and children (1,5h)

Note: Visitors who cannot visit the museum can book remote tours on EMMA's website (available for adults, teens, and children).

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Visit to The Museum of Play - Leikki 

A paradise for children and a nostalgic experience for adults, the Museum of Play – Leikki is a perfect stop for families with children and cultural enthusiasts as the museum shares the building with the Museum of Horology and Jewelry Kruunu. Within a few hours, you can enjoy exploring exhibitions, playtime for children, and even a cup of coffee at the museum's reception.  

You can choose from:

  • Museum visit at your own pace (approx. 1h)
  • Craft workshops (2h)
  • Museum Guided Tour 
  • Mornings for smallest events (3h)

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Thursday Concert Night at Organ Night & Aaria Festival

The Organ Night & Aaria Festival arrives in Espoo each summer to bring classical music concerts in wonderful locations, such as Espoo Cathedral or Espoo Cultural Centre, every Thursday from the beginning of June until the end of August. You can start your Thursday evening in Concert Café, located at the nearby chapel, 1.5 hours before the concert for a cup of coffee or meet and greet the festival artists there. The concert itself usually starts at 21.00, with some exceptions. 

  • Organ Night & Aaria Festival concerts between June-August (approx..1-2h)

Note: Additional concerts organized on different dates and locations may be available during the festival. For all information, check the official festival website.

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Explore Espoo Metro stations with Evenio tours 

An interesting fact is that Espoo, the second-biggest city in Finland, is connected to the capital, Helsinki, by metro line. With a wonderful guide, Petra from Evenio Tours, you can explore Espoo's new metro stations (opened in 2022) through stories of the daily lives of local residents, charming art, and cutting-edge metro technologies. 

  • Guided tour Art & Technology in Metro (2h)

Note: This tour is suitable for people with reduced mobility, such as wheelchairs or walkers. Read more about the accessible metro-guided tour experience from Sanna Kalmari's point of view in this article.

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Hero Image: Collection Kakkonen exhibition / EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art © Paula Virta / EMMA