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Woman dipping into ice cold water in front of Laguuni floating sauna

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3 Unique Sauna Experiences in Espoo


Women sitting in front of sauna with a mug and woman sitting in sauna
Photo: Kathrin Deter

Sauna is a part of Finnish life and a must-experience for anyone visiting Finland, and an essential part of connecting with local culture if you are planning to make it your home! In Espoo, you can find many unique ways to experience sauna - and with the new extension of the metro to Kivenlahti now open, there are even more possibilities to discover!


Start your sauna journey by experiencing the floating sauna at Laguuni! This waterpark area is a popular place for all water-based activities in the summer, and in winter their floating sauna with its hot tub on the top deck is a great place, too. The best part is direct access to the ice water for a dip after a sweaty sauna session! This very short way is truly the best part about the visit here. 

The views from the sauna out to the Keilaniemi bay are breathtaking when everything is illuminated from the surrounding buildings and glowing in the snow! You can also look out to the small island nearby and just take in the beauty of Finnish nature along with the contrast of the offices. The sauna is fairly large and a great spot to take some friends with you who are eager to try ice swimming. 

What to bring: swimwear, towel, slippers & headwear, something to drink

Prices from €15/hour/person (towel rent 3€)

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Woman dipping into ice cold water in front of floating sauna
Photo: Kathrin Deter


What are two of the main things people think of when Finland is mentioned? Right, sauna and metal music. With most metal bands per capita in the world, Finland is rightfully the world’s metal mecca. Children of Bodom had been a leading force in the Finnish metal scene since the 90s. Upon their split in 2019 the memorabilia, some instruments, countless photographs and other paraphernalia were left without a purpose. Bodom bar and sauna was opened in 2022 to provide a space for the fans to come and cherish their memories of and with the band, enjoy some great beers, pizza, and of course, sauna. Not only was the area of Niitykumpu in need of a great bar, but also a public sauna made an excellent addition to the neighbourhood - just a few minutes from the metro station! 

Bodom bar and sauna is a great place to listen to some music in good company, drink some local beers, explore the “museum” and cool off on the giant balcony in a cosy bathrobe after sauna! There’s both a men’s and women’s sauna, and a mixed sauna which requires swimsuits.

What to bring: slippers and a song to request 

Walk-ins welcome - 12€ (towel rent 4€)

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Woman standing in front of Bodom Bar and Sauna
Photo: Kathrin Deter


What to do with a spare shipping container you have around? Right, of course you turn it into a sauna. Löylykontti has two container saunas that you can reach with the metro, both in Matinkylä and now also in Kivenlahti. The space is a great location by the Espoo waterfront walkway, facing the Kivenlahti bay. 

The sauna fits 6 people comfortably, and in winter you’ll find plenty of snow to roll in about if the shore is too far for you for a dip! It’s a really idyllic place tucked away amongst the trees, you can immerse yourself in a peaceful and calm moment while looking out through the icicles. It’s the place to feel really connected to nature, enjoy a steamy sauna and try winter swimming, and enjoy a hot drink afterwards!

What to bring: slippers, headwear if you want to go outside, towel, swimwear and/or seatcovers

10€ per hour/person - max. 6 people

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Woman sitting in sauna
Photo: Kathrin Deter

Hero Image: Kathrin Deter