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Two cyclists along the lake in forest

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4 Ways to Explore Espoo on Bike


One of the best ways to explore Espoo is by cycle. Here are 4 fun tips for your cycling adventures!

1. Espoo’s waterfront walkway

Almost 40km long gravel way (including only few km of paved low-traffic or non-traffic streets) following the most stunning waterfront you can think of. You cycle pass beaches, harbours, cafés and restaurants, modern urban famous office buildings, to exclusive private own villas – trust me, there are several interesting places for a break.

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Seaside views from Espoo's Waterfront Walkway
Photo: Kristiina Vaano

2. Archipelago boat route for cyclists

Absolutely great opportunity not to miss! This route is serving cyclists during summerHere you’ll find the timetable and more information about the route. 

You can take the boat from these harbours: Otaniemi, Nokkala and Kivenlahti. The boat cruise will last about 1h 30min. Then you can cycle back 30 km along Espoo’s beautiful waterfront walkway. For a shorter alternative – start from Nokkala harbour and you’ll get half of the experience.


3. The famous Finland’s first bikepacking route South by Cycle

Has two different routes in Espoo! Check out the 300 km long “Western Uusimaa loop” from (follow’s the Espoo Waterfront Walkway from border to border). The shorter loop “Ring G” is 125km. This is a green forest way between Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki visiting two national parks: Nuuksio National Park in Espoo and Sipoonkorpi.  

Cycling route mark on tree
Photo: Kristiina Vaano

4. Cycle to Nuuksio National Park

For an overnight by wild camping or stay the night between sheets at a lovely hotel or cottage in Nuuksio’s National Park such as Haltia Lake Lodge or Igluhuts sleeping with reindeers. Visit Haltia, The Finnish Nature Center – the gateway to Nuuksio National Park (offers information, a restaurant, shop and much more.)

TIPS: Follow the South by Cycle’s Ring G gps-track to Nuuksio through Espoo’s green forest way.

Two cyclists standing and snacking by the lake in forest
Photo: Poppis Suomela

Rent a bike (fatbike or e-bike): (Nuuksio National Park) (Nuuksio National Park) (Otaniemi Area)


Mountain biking in Espoo:

TRAIL: Oittaa recreational area has an MTB-trail, a 2,5 km long single track in the forest.

DOWNHILL: Nuuksio Bikepark 

BMX: Matinkylän BMX-rata in Matinkylä 

Cycling mark on tree and bike
Photo: Kristiina Vaano

About the writer: Kristiina Vaano is designer and project manager for the famous South by Cycle bikepacking trail, which is 1000km of bikepacking adventures in Southern Finland including Espoo. She loves Espoo as a cycling destination, and you can find her leading national and international groups in Nuuksio, along Espoo’s waterfront walkway etc... Outdoor adventures are her passion

Hero Image: Poppis Suomela