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Camping sites in Nuuksio National Park

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Camping areas with campfire facilities in Nuuksio National Park

  • Mustalampi: Two camping areas are in the artificial lake, just 500 meters from Hawk Nest base camp. The specialty of the lake is the turf rafts floating on the lake. The tent areas are on the north side of the cliffs. There are also two campfire areas and an outdoor toilet. The nearest water point is at Hawk Nest base camp.

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  • Haukanholma: The Haukanholma campsite is located less than a kilometer away from the Hawk Nest base camp, on the shore of the Hawk Lake. There is a covered cooking site and a campfire site in connection to the camping grounds. The water must be carried from Hawk Nest, and the outhouse can also be found there. Cafe Silva is open in the daytime and offers snacks, coffee, and beverages just 500 meters away from the camping area.

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  • Holma-Saarijärvi: Tent area is by the Korpinkierros hiking trail some two kilometers from the Hawk Nest resort. This camping area features two camping sites, one on the southwestern shore and one on an island in the lake. Both of campsites are equipped with campfire places and outhouses. There is a traditional wanderer’s hut beside the bridge leading to the island.

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  • Iso-Holma: Almost hidden forest lake in the Nuuksio, located some two kilometers from the Hawk Nest resort. The lake itself is surrounded by the forest and steep cliffs. The camping grounds and campfire sites can be found on the eastern cape of the lake. There is also an outhouse.

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  • Saarilampi: A small pond is located in the Vihti area, in the west of Nuuksio. The tent area and campfire site are in the north side of the pond. 
  • Urja: The tent area is located in the Nuuksio, northern Espoo. The lake is deep and clear. There is a campfire site.
  • Vääräjärvi: The lake is located in the northern part of Nuuksio. The tent area is on the east side of the lake and has a campfire site and an outhouse. 
  • Yli-Takkula: Overnight stays in the Yli-Takkula area are permitted unless specifically prohibited. The campfire is only allowed at marked locations.
  • Kattilajärvi: Kattilajärvi recreation area is located on the shore of the large and clear lake. The terrain is rocky and varied. The area has an open fireplace and reservable campfire shelter.
  • Kolmoislampi: Bookable tent area is in the southern part of Nuuksio. Reservations and more information from Haltia.

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  • Valkealampi: The pond is located in the northeastern part of Nuuksio and the tent area is in the east side of the pond.
  • Pöksynhaara: Pond is located on the border of Espoo and Vihti in northeastern Nuuksio. The tent area is in the north side of the pond.
  • Valkialampi: A small pond is located in the southeast of Nuuksio, near of the lake Kattilajärvi.


Salmi recreational area is located north of Nuuksio National Park in the municipality of Vihti. The area has a camping area, three cooking huts, two campfire areas, toilets, a sauna, a nature trail, a fireplace room, two playgrounds, outdoor trails, information boards and a parking area. You can also do fishing in the area.

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Palakoski Recreational Area

Tent camping area is located south-west of Nuuksio National Park in the municipality of Vihti. The are provides rock-climbing activities as well as hiking trails. You will find there parking area, dry toilets, viewpoints and information boards.

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Camping area is closed.