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Dron view over Oittaa Recreactional area covered in snow and people cross-country skiing

Oittaa Recreational Area

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The recreational area Oittaa, located at the southern end of Lake Bodom, offers multiple outdoor activities for the whole family. You will find there, from the equipment rental, over kilometers of cross-country skiing trails, and the most popular beach in Espoo to heated sauna sessions and adventure minigolf.

Besides that, you can enjoy a 4,4 km long outdoor trail for jogging and cross-country skiing during winter. You can also follow a shorter - 2,2 km nature trail for lighter exercise. Orienteering enthusiasts can enjoy fixed orienteering points in the area and its surroundings.

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The Oittaa Nature Trail is about 1,5 km. The landscape is spruce-dominated, but the coastal forest and black alder mire near Lake Bodom provide variation to the terrain. Along the trail are information boards containing information about the surrounding nature. The starting point is next to the main building of the Oittaa Manor, and the trail is marked with yellow signs. The trail is easy to follow. However, a rocky slope towards the end is fitted with steps for easier access. Otherwise, this nice circle trail is suitable for the whole family.

Hero Image: Joonas Vinnari