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Group canoeing on lake in Nuuksio National Park

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Find your Happiness in Nuuksio National Park


As you may know, Finland was selected as the happiest country in the world for the sixth time in a row. What makes Finns the happiest people in the world? It is simple! Here are our 4+1 tips for you to experience happiness in the Finnish way!

Woman with a cup of tea sitting in glamping nest
Photo: Inka Jäntti


Visiting nature parks and spending time outdoors have more than a few benefits to one´s wellbeing. Just imagine waking up in a comfy bed surrounded by singing birds or just listening to the waving trees. Welcome to the world of glamorous camping i.e. glamping. Glamping is a wonderful way to stay comfortable and still very close to local nature. In Espoo´s national park Nuuksio you can try at least 4 different types of glamping - nest up in Haltia Lake Lodge, float on one of Espoo´s 95 lakes in Solvalla Glass Igloo, hang in a tree in Tentsile EcoCamp, or lodge with most southern Santa´s helpers in Igluhut by Nuuksio Reindeer Park.

Woman feeding reindeers
Photo: Inka Jäntti


Stereotypes connect Finland with reindeers and yes, reindeers live in Finland, but mainly in northern Finland. Espoo is lucky to be home to the southernmost Reindeer Park. Meeting and greeting these little Santa´s helpers can boost more than one person's mood and you may get a little taste of Lapland even just a 30-minutes drive from Helsinki Airport - what a place not to miss!

Woman standing in front of frozen lake
Photo: Hawkhill Cottage Resort


Can you already imagine how your busy life worries decrease with every drop of water in the Finnish sauna? Good! Finns love sauna and sweating there - it cleans their minds, boosts their immune system, and is even considered a social activity. You can choose from wood-heated saunas, or electric saunas to smoke saunas and always get the calm happy feeling afterward!

PS: if you want to take a step even further try out dipping into the lake, sea, or rolling in the snow in wintertime after having a sauna!

Group canoeing in Nuuksio National Park
Photo: Natura Viva


The scenery of Nuuksio National Park just gets you up. You may spend hours staring at the wonderful views and nature creatures, or try out one of many activity opportunities. Besides kilometers of hiking trails, you can try out SUP boarding, kayaking, or canoeing at some of the 95 lakes located in Espoo, or book a Fat bike, XC bike, or even electric bike and head to explore local viewpoints.

Remember to tag @visitespoo while posting your breathtaking photos and selfies from your holiday in Nuuksio National Park!

Lanscape photo of Finnish Nature Cente Haltia's building
Photo: Daniela Brezinova


If you want to learn more about relaxing in nature and embracing nature for getting more energy and human wellbeing, then the Haltia Nature Centre is the place to visit. Their exhibitions will get you great insights into human wellbeing and Finnish nature.

PS: If you are lucky, you may even spot one of the local flying squirrels!